Are you still recovering from this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There were so many twists and turns in “Walk With Us” and many heart stopping moments. Pretty surprising, considering it wasn’t a season premiere or finale. The second half of this season hasRead More →


Everyone was throwing up on The Walking Dead this week – and for once it wasn’t because of the Whisperer’s outfit of choice. Dante said it best about the superflu going through Alexandria – “Simple shit can suddenly become a big deal.” I need this quote on a pillow orRead More →

Alexandria may seem like the idyllic post-apocalyptic community in The Walking Dead, but we saw this week that there are assholes everywhere. This week’s episode, titled “Silence the Whisperers” was directed by none other than our dearly Abraham himself – Michael Cudlitz. Let’s not forget that Negan killed Abraham –Read More →

Everyone in this episode of The Walking Dead seriously needed a nap. Lack of sleep was a theme this week, bringing up the stress levels and paranoia for the entire group. The episodes starts out with Carol popping some pills and getting started with her day – which never seemsRead More →

The Walking Dead‘s “Dead or Alive Or” has me putting my neck on the line for Dwight (because I believe that he’s changed), Father Gabriel going on a holy journey to only have sense knocked into him (or sense knocked into the doctor he was with), and Maggie deciding onceRead More →

The Walking Dead’s “The Big Scary U” saw Negan & Gabriel spending some quality time together, Rick & Daryl fighting like siblings (yes, some siblings punch each other,) and too much time spent on the spineless weasels known as Gregory & Eugene. In comparison to the first four episodes of seasonRead More →

AMC has partnered up with Lot 18 for an exclusive wine collection perfect for Sunday evenings watching The Walking Dead. The quality-driven winemakers feature three hand-crafted blends, each with a unique design honoring three characters from the hit series. Rick Grimes wine label features a gun wielding hand, reaching forRead More →

Sasha & Rosita bonded, Jesus came out to Maggie, and Daryl & Maggie gave us all the feels in The Walking Dead’s ‘The Other Side.’ Week after week, this show has been an exploration of a different community – how they’re surviving, their challenges, and how they’re preparing for theRead More →

The Walking Dead‘s ‘Hostiles and Calamities’ tells the story of two men, one having the best day ever and the other…not so much. And while last week’s episode covered multiple storylines, across various territories, it look’s like we’re back to covering one group of people per episode. This week, it’s the SaviorRead More →

Alexandria is making it’s way to the Savior base in The Walking Dead‘s new sneak peek ‘Roadblock.’ Rick, Michonne, Jesus, Carl, Tara, Sasha, and Rosita spot the Savior home right before coming to the first of many traps set by the Saviors. The road is barricaded with a line ofRead More →

Entertainment Weekly has released an exclusive image previewing a new group of survivors in what looks to be a junkyard on AMC’s The Walking Dead. If we ignore the absolutely horrible haircut (you were thinking it too) we can assume that the odd images AMC released two weeks ago have to doRead More →

After just releasing some new photos today, AMC also dropped the synopsis for Season 7B of The Walking Dead, which premieres February 12th. In the synopsis, they tease about the struggle that will come with uniting forces against Negan. It’s going to take everything Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom haveRead More →

The Walking Dead has released 3 new photos teasing the fight against Negan when it returns February 12th for its mid-season premiere. In comparison to the strange photos they released a couple days ago, these are pretty tame. We have the gang scavenging for supplies. Note Michonne having Rick’s back.Read More →

With the way that The Walking Dead is expanding it’s world, I’ve got a feeling we’re going to hop from community to community on a weekly basis, leaving us foaming at the mouth in rage and missing Jerry. (Don’t act like you don’t miss him & his puns.) Go GettersRead More →