As much I want Negan to die, Dwight’s a close second. In The Walking Dead‘s The Cell we get a little more backstory on the jerk that tried to escape from Negan, got help from Daryl, and then turned around and betrayed our archer. He even stole Daryl’s bike andRead More →


AMC has released The Walking Dead key art for San Diego Comic Con. And of course it’s another tease that further drives the tension dagger into our chests and makes us remember the anger/confusion/despair we felt at the season 6 finale. Tease. The image, which will appear on banner adsRead More →

Thanks to the amazing people over at Entertainment Weekly we have our first look at season 7 of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead! And of course it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan! What else did you expect? They’re going to tease us until we’re ready to pull our collective intelligenceRead More →

You know things have gotten out of hand when The Walking Dead decides to fill not one, but eleven death scenes to keep Negan’s victim secret. According to The Hollywood Reporter the show-runners have chosen to record a death scene for every person kneeling before Negan. With the threat ofRead More →