The Walking Dead 7×14 Review: The Other Side

Sasha & Rosita bonded, Jesus came out to Maggie, and Daryl & Maggie gave us all the feels in The Walking Dead’s ‘The Other Side.’

Week after week, this show has been an exploration of a different community – how they’re surviving, their challenges, and how they’re preparing for the war ahead. And while that rings true for this episode, it was also about so much more. ‘The Other Side’ was about exploring new relationships and discovering that we’re not as broken or different as we believe.

Also, Negan might have his numbers and the ice-cream, but the people of Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom have something he doesn’t have. Loyalty based in love. Sure he still has loyalty based in fear and that will get you far. But loyalty based in love is what always wins in tales like this.

There will be loss, bloodshed, and tears in the upcoming two episodes, there’s no denying that. But it’ll be love that wins out at the end of the day. 

Feels with Maggie and Daryl

There wasn’t a dry eye during this scene with Maggie and Daryl. (And if you weren’t tearing up, we need to have a talk.) Not so patiently, I’ve been waiting for Maggie and Daryl to hash out what happened in episode 701. ‘The Other Side’ finally delivered.

Maggie Greene, the wife of Glenn, does not blame Daryl for his death. Read that again if you need to because I agree with her 100%. Daryl has been carrying around the weight of Glenn’s death for ages and Maggie knew it from the first moment he stepped into Hilltop. That’s why he wouldn’t look at her and didn’t make a nuisance of himself at all. He kept out of the way.

She wasn’t going to stand for that!

Negan took away her husband. Daryl Dixon did not take away her husband. And every single person on that line in 701 would’ve done the same thing that Daryl did if given the chance. They don’t blame him, Maggie doesn’t blame him, I don’t blame him. Daryl is her family and she will not watch him walk around with that weight around his neck.

Daryl apologizing and Maggie’s response was about healing and moving forward. Even thinking about Maggie asking him for his help gets me all teary eyed. Negan might’ve taken away Glenn, her husband and one of the original favs, but he won’t take away Maggie’s family and one of the only good things left in this world.

He won’t take Daryl.

Sasha & Rosita: That Went Well…Not

I honestly don’t understand how these two women thought that their plan would work. When has a plan like this ever worked? Especially when high on the pain and emotion of loss? Never, that’s how many times it’s worked!

Surprisingly enough, they bonded in this episode. What started as a ‘are they really sitting there teaching each other how to tie knots when they should be watching for Negan’ turned into a moment of self reflection for Sasha and Rosita. 

Both of these women were suffering the loss of someone they loved, didn’t understand or know when it would go away, and wanted to lash out at the world because of it. Grief shaped these two women in similar fashions. And at the end of ‘The Other Side’ Sasha let the bond they just discovered they had, help her make her decision.

Sasha found happiness in her grief with Abraham. She saw the other side, she saw what kind of life they could have together at the end of the world. And it was twisted and dangerous, but it was there’s and they were happy. Sasha wanted to give that chance to Rosita.

Ultimately it was the wrong decision. Sasha will be captured. Dwight, because we all know that wasn’t Daryl, will grab up Rosita. And things will get decidedly worse for Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom from here on out, accelerating the war whether they’re ready or not.

Jesus Coming Out

Apparently, for those who read the comics, Jesus coming out as gay was no surprise. And for those like me, who decided not to keep up with the comics to be surprised more often, were delighted.

In the grand scheme of things, Jesus’ sexuality is of no consequence. We’ve got zombies, people! And Negan! Those are the real glaring issues. But kudos to The Walking Dead showrunners for subtly slipping in the fact that Jesus is gay. It doesn’t change the man he is at all in our eyes or in the eyes of the people he cares about.

I would like to take note on the way that Jesus told Maggie. There was hesitation and a subtle shyness in the way he looked at Maggie when the word “boyfriends” slipped out. It was as if he was seeking approval or waiting for a reaction from a person he genuinely cares about. There was vulnerability in his eyes.

Maggie didn’t disappoint. She didn’t care that he was gay. He’s her friend. Hell, at this point she considers him family and would go out on a limb for him like she would for Sasha, Rosita, and Daryl. Point is, The Walking Dead has done an amazing job at diversifying their characters without making it a big deal.

Jesus is gay? Aaron is gay? Aaron has a partner? They live together? Big deal. *insert shrug here* They’re still badasses. Come on, grab your weapons. Zombies are all around and Negan is just around the corner. We’ve got a war to win!

Additional Notes:
  1. Gregory you weasel. You’re just looking for a moment, just one, to give up Maggie & Daryl. That’s why he wants an audience with Negan. He wants to secure his life and his power before throwing them all under the Negan bus.
  2. Eugene…in the words of Tyra Banks, “I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! HOW DARE YOU?!” End scene.
  3. My love for Enid is growing. She’s flourished at Hilltop and is growing into a strong woman. Please don’t kill her before we get to explore her character more.
Favorite Scene from The Other Side:

Check out the trailer, teasing the last two episodes The Walking Dead Season 7:

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