Legends of Tomorrow: Our Legends Will Break a Big Rule

When it comes to dabbling in time travel, there’s always the threat of messing things up. (This is something The Flash‘s Barry Allen knows well.)

Now, our Legends of Tomorrow have certainly not managed to leave certain time periods without messing up things just a little. But it sounds like our Legends are going to break an important rule leading up to or in the season 2 finale that is going to have dire consequences.


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“What we’re leading up to is breaking a rule,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim told TV Insider. “That’s what the Legends are going to do. It’s a little bit of our homage to Back to the Future 2, with a Legends-esque spin. It has major consequences.”

With our Legends fighting to maintain control of time from the Legion of Doom, who have their own intentions with time, it sounds like the Legion are going to push them to the breaking point.

“Things are going to get really bad, ” Caity Lotz told TV Insider. “They are going to have to do some things they shouldn’t be doing. They’re going to have to break some rules and go against their own codes. The finale is the biggest episode we’ve ever done.”

That’s one of the difficult things about being a hero — or being a Legend in this case. Sometimes you’re forced to make tough decisions, break rules, do things you’re against in order to prevent evil from prevailing. But also as a hero (or Legend), you still have to deal with those consequences even though your intentions were good.

No doubt the upcoming finale will test our favorite characters, as well as our emotional capacity as an audience. Which, you know, is always fun.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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