If you spend enough time with someone, you feel like you know them. Their likes, dislikes, allergies and favorite colors. “Dancing Queen” enforces that through some of the men of the Waverider: Ray, Nate and Constantine. However, “Dancing Queen” also shows us more of what makes these Legends… well, Legends.Read More →


“Cousin Oliver” – For those who don’t know who that is, he was a character introduced during the Brady Bunch’s run to liven up the show. Instead, the character was so annoying it turned more people off of the show. Now by no means does Legends of Tomorrow need toRead More →

With apologies to Rudyard Kipling: Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware of giving your heart to a ‘ship to tear. On Saturday Wentworth Miller, who plays Leonard Snart/Captain Cold in DC’s Arrowverse, posted on Instagram that he’s currently shooting some of his final episodes as that character on LegendsRead More →

Cleaning up messes is really tough to do. It has also been what the Legends of Tomorrow have done since they first started. Sometimes (a lot of the time) it’s the Legends own mess they have to clean up, but there is something satisfying about cleaning up your own mess.Read More →

A question I asked myself right before I typed this was: How can I describe this episode of Legends of Tomorrow? So many words come to mind when I think of this season 2 finale: wild, funny, shocking, touching are among the words many would say. However, I think the word thatRead More →

When it comes to dabbling in time travel, there’s always the threat of messing things up. (This is something The Flash‘s Barry Allen knows well.) Now, our Legends of Tomorrow have certainly not managed to leave certain time periods without messing up things just a little. But it sounds likeRead More →