‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 3 Review : The Wild, The Wacky and The Beebo

One thing that fans get upset about with the Arrowverse is that it takes itself too seriously at times. The polar opposite of this, though, is Legends of Tomorrow, a show which embraces the wacky and the silliness of its corner of the DC Universe. After all, this is a show that has time-travel, clones and the ultimate battle between good and evil between a stuffed animal toy named Beebo and a time demon named Mallus.

Legends of Tomorrow will never be considered a great show by any means, but the amount of fun it has each week usually more than makes up for its flaws. With an ever-changing group aboard the Waverider, character development was grown and embraced by some as others more or less stayed the same. Each episode showcased a different area of the past (and occasionally future) as the team met a new group of characters in the Time Bureau and said goodbye to a few as well.

So if you are looking for a super hero show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but doesn’t shy away for emotional moments, Legends of Tomorrow is the show for you. A season that doesn’t shy away from fun and wildness while staying true to what we love about these characters makes Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow arguably its best yet.


Season 3 showcased what Legends of Tomorrow has become: A show that not only is not afraid of pushing the envelope of timey-wimey antics in the DC Universe, but also adds a little heart and fun to it. Characters we know and love said goodbye as we were introduced to new ones that we’re slowly growing to love. A strong group of baddies and some familiar faces helped smooth over some of the changes the show went through in Season 3, but ultimately Legends of Tomorrow is the light-hearted section of the Arrowverse we sorely need at the moment.


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Introduction of New Characters and Farewell to Old Ones 

Season 3 brought a few new faces aboard the Waverider in the forms of Zari, John Constantine and Ava Sharpe. Zari joined the team fairly early but over time we got to see her bond with her new teammates and friends. Constantine had been on an Arrow episode before, but his appearance gave a spark to whatever episode he would appear on.  Ava Sharpe grew from stuck-up member of the Time Bureau/ frenemy to the Legends through the season to become one of the team’s strongest allies and Sara Lance’s new love. With all three returning to Legends for the next season, it will be fun to see how all these elements work on this ship. But with new faces, some have to go. That meant saying goodbye to Jax and Stein, who made up “Firestorm.” Victor Garber’s departure is a tough wound for the show to heal from, but his farewell to Jax hit all the emotional beats that you would expect.

The Darhk Family 

With the rebirth of Damien Darhk, Legends showed once again how much Arrow’s Season 4 misused the villain. Adding onto his Legends Season 2 fun, Season 3 saw Damien bring the snark to all new levels without ever losing that sense of seriousness to him. The big deal, though, was the introduction of another Darhk to the Arrowverse in the form of Nora Darhk, Damien’s long-lost daughter. The Darhks made Season 3 every time they met the Legends, whether it was menacing them in 1940s Hollywood or playing Norse Gods or, in the end, Damien’s reluctant team-up with the Legends to save Nora from the evil of Mallus. Though Damien sacrificed himself for Nora and Nora was taken to Time Bureau prison , we know this won’t be the last we’ve probably seen of either Darhk.


Legends of Tomorrow got a freaking blue plush toy to become one of the most iconic images in the Arrowverse. ENOUGH SAID.


Sara Lance finding love with Ava Sharpe was a unsurprising but much welcomed storyline for season 4. After  a rocky start, these two realized the bond they have,  and luckily we got to see this relationship blossom step by step. Yes, they’ve gone through some hurdles (fights, Ava being revealed to be a clone, etc.), but it can’t be overstated how nice it is to see the lead of a big-time comic book series not just in a LGBTQ relationship but one that is embraced and pushed forward.

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Legends of Tomorrow does a really exceptional job of mixing in comedy with all the action on the show. Usually they are very successful in that regard (Beebo, John Noble’s cameo), but Gary was a big negative in that column for the season. What worked as a quirky little one-off character would come back week after week, less funny and more annoying each time. Legends isn’t the first show guilty of doing this, but giving Gary more time took away from other characters that we would much rather see more of right now. We aren’t wishing Gary to go away for good. We just don’t want to see the guy all the time.


It’s really tough to give all your characters equal times to shine and especially when you are introducing new characters to the group dynamic. Some characters are just going to get less time. It’s sucks but it’s true. Wally West was a prime example of this. With a crowded cast on The Flash, Wally’s character moved over to Legends in hopes of finally finding a place for him. Sadly, this didn’t come to be. Even though he got a few cool moments, we never got that full Wally episode that others like Zari or Ava got. Now with the news that Keiynan is not coming back as a regular for Season 4 of Legends, that just makes the lack of screen-time for Wally in season 3 that much worse.

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“Return of the Mack” 3×05 – A reunion with Rip goes very badly for the Legends and brings us the return of the best villain in Legends history. A episode that contrasts what Legends used to be with what it is now.

“Crisis on Earth-X Part 4” 3×08 – The finale of the year’s big crossover ends with a bang. We get the highest of highs with the Olicity and WestAllen weddings and the lowest of lows as Stein sacrifices himself to save Jax in the most emotional scene ever on Legends.

“Daddy Darhkest” 3×10 – Nora Darhk’s origin story so to speak. Also introduces the Legends to their newest member in season 4, John Constantine and adds a little bit of creepiness in a very scary episode.

“I, Ava” 3×16 – The truth about Ava is revealed as this highlights the bond between Sara and Ava.

“The Good, The Bad and the Cuddly” 3×18 – Rip Hunter’s sacrifice starts off this wild episode while a battle between a giant fluffy toy and a time demon finishes it. Familiar faces show up as this season finale is Legends at its finest.


“Freakshow” 3×02 – Not even Billy Zane could save this one. Not a awful episode but not a very memorable one either.

“Amazing Grace” 3×14 – This episode takes a sharp left turn from the main plot mostly as we get an Elvis that looked NOTHING like the real Elvis and ghosts/haunted guitars. This is one you can skip from season 3 and no one would be upset about it.



The Season 3 finale ended with John Constantine telling the Legends that Mallus wasn’t the only demon to escape. It looks like season 4 will raise the deck on the mystical world that Season 3 started to mess with. This is going to be tough, as it’s a fine line between the humorous adventures we are accustomed to seeing the Legends on compared to the world Constantine brings with him. Furthermore, we have more AvaLance to see, how will Amaya return to the team, who will be the big bad of Season 4? If Legends of Tomorrow can maintain its status quo while mixing in some intense drama, then it will have no doubt claim to being the best show in the Arrowverse.


What were your thoughts on Legends of Tomorrow Season 3?

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