‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 3 Finale review : “The Good, The Bad and the Cuddly”

Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow has been so wild and out there that did you really expect anything different? All season long, Legends has gone all out doing everything you can think of to leave no shark unjumped. So for the season finale, why not have everything under the sun and bring back all your favorite hits for the big battle with Mallus.

Villains?  Blackbeard, Caesar and many others from the season make a appearance.  Old Allies? Jax makes a reappearance as does Helen of Troy and a good Kuasa.  Personal Sacrifice? Check. Darhk family drama? Check. Beebo? Check.

‘The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly” is the season finale that you see in big blockbuster action films that delivers little in terms of plot but still gives you a satisfying feeling after watching it. Yep, that describes Legends in a nutshell. So let’s delve into the one big “Death” in the episode as we say good-bye to another original Legend.


So, in the tradition of Legends finales, we say farewell to a couple of characters, including the original Captain of the Waverider. Rip Hunter sacrifices himself to slow down Mallus and give the Legends time to escape with a time drive explosion. Credit to the writers and Arthur Darvill for making Rip’s last moments bring tears to my eyes as he bids a heartfelt goodbye to Gideon (what could have been there) and as Rip remembers his family that he’ll soon be reunited with, as he saves his other one.

Now is this truly the last time we’ll see Rip? It’s the Arrowverse, so the answer is probably not. Well unless you are a supporting character from season 1 of Arrow.

So, best wishes to Arthur as he moves on to new things and we’ll miss Rip’s wit, cockiness and ability to be flustered by any little thing. Time to play “Careless Whisper” on a loop now.

Rip’s sacrifice is able to let the Legends escape to the Old West and run back into a old friend in the form of Sheriff Jonah Hex. Good to see Jonah again, as he’s mostly usde here to bond with Zari. It was enjoyable to see these two do a little bit of flirting and Jonah giving her his hat at the end was a nice little touch. Hope season 4 brings him back to touch upon this some more.

In the wild, wild west, the team is drowning their sorrows when Mallus’s goons (Blackbeard, Caesar among others) deliver a old-timey high noon-ish threat to Sara: Turn over the totems partner or you all going to go six feet under. With this bit of bad news, The Legends come up with a couple different plans:

Plan 1: Amaya contacts her ancestors and they tell her that bonding together is the best way to make the totems work. The team’s first attempt goes haywire though, and it seems hopeless till the second plan they thought of come into view.

Plan 2:  S.O.S – A distress beacon is received by Ava, who arrives with a few allies in tow from this season: Helen of Troy as Xena Warrior Princess, Kuasa now dressed up as Vixen and Jax, who is now a married man and father at peace after five years. It was great to see all these characters again, but especially Jax. To see a character go off and have a happy life is nice and gives us hope that not all our favorites are doomed for bad endings when they leave. So the gang’s all here….except one.

Ray has gone with Damien Darhk to go save Nora in the jumpship from being possessed by Mallus. It works, but at the sacrifice of Damien turning into Mallus instead of Nora. One of the biggest things this season has done is not only let us enjoy Damien, but also feel sympathy for him as well. In his cold, black heart, he was just a guy trying to be a good father to a daughter he was slowly losing. Seeing him make the ultimate sacrifice like any father would for his daughter was a highlight of the episode and a fitting farewell to Damien.

(Except this will be like the third time Damien has died and well I’m just going to say..don’t be surprised if he showed up in season 4 again. Just saying what we’re all thinking.)



With Ray and Nora’s arrival in Salvation, everything is set for the big battle. It’s a awesome sight seeing the Legends and their allies stand up against Mallus’s forces. The fight is pretty even until Mallus makes his big appearance in his true form. This sets the stage for not only for one of the biggest callbacks of the seasons but also the most surreal one as well.

Through the episode and season, the team members have felt unworthy of the totems they have. Each has had a moment where they feel undeserving of the responsibility of it. So to see the Legends work together and be able to make the totems work was a impressive hero moment if I’ve ever seen one. They are able to conjure up a being so powerful to take on Mallus. What being you might ask yourself??

BEEBO IS BACK. And man does Beebo kick Mallus’s everloving ass! There’s just something about a cute, cuddly totem powered creature beating up a time demon that makes you feel all warm inside. It’s a epic beatdown and a highly enjoyable one at that.

So, the Legends end up victorious and all that left for us and them to do is deal with the aftermath.

  • The totems are given to Kuasa as Amaya makes the decision to return to 1942. After a refusal to be mind-wiped and a long kiss goodbye to Nate, Amaya takes her place back into the time stream. So you might ask : Is this the last we see of Amaya? It feels like it, but then the show-runners say that Maisie Richardson-Sellers is still going to be in season 4 as a regular. So what will bring back Amaya into the Legends orbit? Something universe destroying is my best guess.
  • Ray gifts Nora her dad’s time stone and a second chance at life. Definitely think this isn’t the last time we see Nora Darhk on Legends.
  • Ava and Sara get their flirt on some more and with Jes MacAllan returning full-time for season 4 – AVALANCE is looking to be full-steam ahead in the very near future.
  • The team finally gets their relaxing vacation in Aruba but it is interrupted by Constantine and Mini-Constantine (Aka Gary). Like most people who ruin vacations, John shows up with a severed monster’s head and a warning for the Legends. “Mallus wasn’t the only thing that got out.”

So, thus ends season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow – one of the most whackiest, wildest, bananas season of tv history. Also as of now, the best CW/DC season in a long time too. Legends may be the red-haired stepchild of the Arrowverse but it’s outperforming it’s daddies pretty damn well.


  • So season 4 looks like it will be a supernatural trip. My prediction: X-Files but completely with out a filter. As long as Chris Carter isn’t allowed to write anything, I’m in.
  • DC should really start selling Beebo toys for real.
  • Nice hair, Gary.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return for the Fall 2018/2019 season.

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