A Familiar Face Joins The Arrowverse

We’re not sure if we’re excited for Arrow or not, but we are excited for the three part crossover that will come this December. Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash together? We’re about that!(Legends of Tomorrow is not participating in the Arrowverse crossover this year).

It was previously announced that they had found Lois Lane, Elizabeth Tulloch. However, our interest has been peaked over a different character.

Nora Fries, the wife of the classic DC Comics villain Mr. Freeze, has been cast and it’s none other than Cassandra Jean Amell. After that announcement, we were of course wondering who would be playing Mr. Freeze, but it seems that he’s not going to be in the crossover. Which hey, that’s fine. That just means that it can be a set up for something to look forward to in the future.

The three night crossover begins Sunday, Dec. 9, with a special airing of The Flash. We will get a lot of new people in this crossover event: Kate Kanem aka Gotham vigilante Batwoman played by Ruby Rose, Lois Lane played by Elizabeth Tulloch, and Superman, Tyler Hoechlin,  will return to the Arrowverse as well.

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