‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 10×09 Review: “Squeeze”

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was called “Squeeze,” because the group had to get out of some tight spots, but the name could also represent how much they fit into this episode. Because it was a lot.

The episode was a little bit dark to see all that was going on, but some of the external scenes in the daylight had us wishing we couldn’t see them (still bleaching our eyes over Negan and Alpha).

Caryl squeezes our hearts

It was the best of times and the worst of times for Caryl shippers in this episode. There were so many good moments between the two of them.

Some moments that made us swoon include:

  • Him knowing she was claustrophobic, and Carol being surprised by it. And their little banter about it after. So adorable.
  • “We fight for our future. We don’t fight for revenge.” Okay – who else thought when Daryl said that he meant them, as in the two of them. That wasn’t the first time he’s said that this season, either.
  • Daryl begging her to talk to him, and saying he wants to be there for her.
  • Lots of partnership and togetherness throughout the whole episode.
  • Him pulling her back from the ledge when she was planting the dynamite. Sure, it didn’t work out, but he tried to get through to her.
  • Him asking for her promise to stop, and calling her on her bullshit.

We all know now that things didn’t go as planned for the Caryl ship at the end of the episode, but all hope is not lost. Sure, Daryl was pulling away from her, but her begging him to blame her with no response and him just walking away was a positive thing. They have hit the bottom and hopefully will break out of this cycle they’ve been in since the beginning of the season.

Carol has a lot to do when it comes to getting the forgiveness of Daryl, but I think she now knows what she has lost and what her actions have caused. There is nowhere to go but up from here.

Can we get Carol back please?


Can we just give Melissa McBride an Emmy for her portrayal of Carol in this episode? She’s always amazing, but this week her performance was absolutely amazing.

Now that Carol might have possibly caused the deaths of Connie and Magna (although they could be alive down there), hopefully she can return to the badass Carol who makes better decisions that we all know and love.

She has been through a lot of loss in past years, but has always come out stronger. This season has felt kind of out of character for her, so much so that we still believed in her going into this episode, but our girl kept making terrible choices. She lied to Daryl again, promising that she would give up on her revenge for Alpha, yet she still went back with that dynamite to blow up the herd and put everyone in danger. Her voice breaking when she said “she killed my boy” to Daryl was more than our poor hearts could handle.

Carol’s claustrophobia at being squeezed into a tight space was also representative of her being torn between wanting to listen to Daryl and her need to avenge the loss of her son. She is grieving and that caused her to make some terrible choices, but now she also has a friendship to grieve because she thinks Daryl is done with her.

Maybe this will be enough to knock some sense into her head. Carol, we believe in you still. Don’t prove us wrong.

Connie is an Angel

Look, while Connie and Daryl are not our main ship – we still love Connie. And she proved this episode to be the absolute best human being. She comforted Carol when she was struggling with claustrophobia every step of the way.

The scene where she spelled out “you are ok” into Carol’s palm before they had to exit through that tight squeeze was an absolute tear-jerker. And our girl selflessly went back to make sure Carol and Daryl were okay and also bravely fought walkers so that others could get out of the cave.

Connie had better be alive down there somewhere. She deserves so much more than being smooshed by rubble like the Lannsiter twins. Plus we need more of Lauren Ridloff representing the deaf community on television.

Negan’s Big Adventure

So, who else cheered when Alpha tossed Negan into that pile of poop? (And maybe shouted “in memory of Glenn, you jerk!) But honestly, the rest of the scenes back at the Whisperer camp made us feel, uncomfortable to say the least.

Negan was not the only one surprise when Alpha led him into the woods and demand he take off his clothes for a bang. The moment when he thought he was going to die was slightly cathartic, but the intimate scene after completely destroyed that feeling.

HE KISSED HER WITH HER SKIN MASK ON AND SAID HE WAS INTO IT. It was absolutely gag worthy and hopefully the last we see of it. Negan is probably still running a long con on The Whisperers, but this gross scene is evidence how far he is willing to go to survive.

The time in the Whisperer camp led to even more questions. What will happen to Gamma now that they know she is the spy? Alpha seems pretty keyed on Carol too – will they have an epic face off someday, or will others stand in their way? Will Carol make better choices moving forward? How will Connie and Magna be rescued from that cave? (They are alive until we are told differently).

And most importantly – how do we get our hearts to start beating again after that moment when we almost lost Jerry when he got stuck trying to squeeze his way out of that cave?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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