Gone Too Soon: ‘Eye Candy,’ a Fun Cyber-Crime Mystery

Remember in 2015, when MTV was trying to do scripted television shows? Some of them were better than others, but honestly MTV had some pretty good shows going, many of which got multiple seasons. Which makes it even more disappointing that this show only got one season. This week for Gone Too Soon, I am looking at another one season wonder, Eye Candy.

Eye Candy was very loosely based on this R.L. Stine novel. The show premiered in 2015, and ran for ten episodes.Only ten episodes! How can a network decide on a show’s worth after ten episodes? Granted there were only ten episodes in the first season, but this show had so much potential! Mystery, romance, and secrets. What more could you want in a series?

The Gist 

Lindy (Victoria Justice) is a tech genius who, due to a run in with the law is recently paroled and trying to get her life back on track. Her roommate Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) convinces her to sign up for a dating app called Flirtual. Lindy begins to suspect that one of her dates is a murderer. She teams up with the NYPD detectives, the same people responsible for arresting her, to try and track down the killer. And that is just the main plot. 

Lindy’s sister disappeared, and the case and has never been solved, so that’s also a thing, especially because the more answers she gets the more questions she has. 

The series also stars Casey Deidrick, Harvey Guillen, Ryan Cooper, John Garet Stoker, and one of my Hallmark Channel favs, Daniel Lissing. 

Should you watch it?

Of course you should watch it! It’s only ten episodes and they are about 35 minutes each. You could watch this show in a day.

Oh, you mean is it worth the watch? I think it is. The mystery is intriguing, if a little predictable. The case with her sister is much more interesting. The characters are all pretty likeable and you want to know more about them. The cast has genuine chemistry, and the thing is that if this show would have been on another network I think that it would have been given at least one more season. At the time MTV had a couple of shows that had been running for a few years, but it also had several that only lasted for one year. If it would have been on a network that was more prone to giving shows another chance, then I believe Eye Candy could have been great. 

Stand Out Moment

None immediately come to mind, but if you want to see some of the very best shipping moments of the show then SOS serves them up with a side of creepy. This is a murder mystery after all. 

Sunken Ships

Perhaps the biggest missed opportunity is Tindy: Lindy and Tommy. They were totally OTP-worthy and given a few more seasons everyone would have been shipping them. They start off as enemies/acquaintances and gradually learn to trust each other and work together. Add a side of male-pining and you have a seriously swoon worthy ship that builds in only ten episodes, just imagine if they would have had more. 

Caution: Cliffhanger

This show is actually 50/50. The season’s mystery is solved, but the overarching mystery isn’t. The show does end on a bit of a disappointing cliffhanger, so I’m a little conflicted on how to rate this one. I say this: If you want everything solved then you will be disappointed, but if you’re okay with some questions answered and others not, then you’ll be fine with the ending. 

Where to Watch

Episodes are basically $1.99 on every streaming site and it’s the best deal on Amazon and Apple. If you’re looking to buy the entire show then you should check out Vudu, where it’s only $14. 

Did you watch Eye Candy? What are your thoughts on the show? If you haven’t check out last week’s edition on Daybreak, then what are you waiting for?

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