‘Batwoman’ 1×13 Review: “Drink Me”

It’s about damn time was the theme for this week’s Batwoman. “Drink Me” (what a title, am I right?!) well down the rabbit home and tried to solve what happened with Beth, who this weird vampire lady was, and how we can get Kate Kane into that bartending outfit from her club. *chefs kiss*

Now, onto the “about damn time.”

It was about damn time that we got some Sophie/Kate fluff. So what if it’s under the guise of being Batwoman. I saw it, I need it, and I loved it. Now give me more. Give me more angst, more will they/won’t they, and more opportunities for Sophie to be involved in what Kate is doing because I’ve got a feeling that she’s going to die. 

There, I said it. I have a feeling that the closer Sophie gets to Kate aka Batwoman, the closer she is to the end of her journey. Because they haven’t given me the Sophie development when it comes to her as an individual. But they have given me the development when it comes to her and her relationship with Batwoman.

Just you wait. I feel it in my bones.

Then there’s new vampire lady. If you’ve read the comics you know that Batwoman has some supernatural elements that are out of this world. For a second there I thought Batwoman would do it with this villain, give us the supernatural goodness we so desire and make me go “it’s about damn time.” Unfortunately, it didn’t go the way we all wanted but hey, at least it was something different and not just Alice again.

Which, speaking of the devil, Alice is on the brink of getting what she deserves and it’s about damn time. For too long she’s been trying to prove to her sister that she isn’t like Beth. It’s like she was pushing Kate’s buttons as a way to prove to herself that the kind bits of her were long gone and dead. Well, here you go Alice. Kate doesn’t believe in you anymore and it’s out of your own hand.

And on the final “about damn time” there’s Mary. We’ve been waiting for that moment, that spark of realization, that who she is working with day in and day out is the infamous Batwoman. And here we are. Mary has pieced it all together and I’m honestly not even worried. Mary is a kind, compassionate, and fantastic person. If there’s anyone I’d trust my secrets with, it’s Mary. 

Now, we’ll just have to wait and see what changes all these moments, realizations, and “about damn times” actually change about Batwoman and her crusade to save Gotham City.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.

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