‘Batwoman’ 1×12 Review: “Take Your Choice”

Who are these characters? That’s what I find myself asking myself week after week when it comes to Batwoman and I found myself asking this same question in “Take Your Choice.” Who are these characters and do they even know who they are in return?

Case in point, Sophie Moore. Who is she? Over the span of 12 episodes I have gotten glimpses of different versions of Sophie. Not one has stuck around for more than a couple episodes and it’s kind of tiring. I want to cheer this young woman of color on, especially because she’s in a position of power when it comes to her job with The Crows. But I don’t know who she is and I don’t think she even knows who she is. 


And then there’s Alice. The show and Kate are so stuck on this whole, “Is she good or not?” that they’re blinded to the fact that Alice isn’t a good person. Character wise, ok, she’s entertaining. I’ll admit that. When she’s on screen, she steals the show and makes it so you can’t look away. But do we really know this woman and does Kate really know her well enough to make the choices she continues to make?

“Take Your Choice” saw Kate do something different that made me go hallelujah! She chose her good sister. The one who survived, thrived, and loved Kate to the moon and back without the carnage and childhood trauma. That went tits up real quick and the shocker of her death still has us reeling. Two versions really can’t survive in the same universe? Is Beth the only person this has happened to? Is it happening elsewhere? And how are they dealing with it.


I was left with more questions that answers after the whole Beth and Alice thing and the choice that Kate made. Which leads us to our next bit of “does Batwoman know what they’re really doing?” Alice is alive. Whoopieeee! How did it happen? I don’t know. Who knows? Just chalk it up to stuff and things and leave it at that. Seriously, who makes these rules and will they apply across all other shows that now live in the same world?

I’ve got a feeling it won’t.

Honestly, I’m tired of feeling robbed by Batwoman. Week after week I want to stick with it. I want to like it. But week after week I get weak goodness that I’m just making due with. And that’s not enough to sustain a show past a season. So, here’s hoping that Batwoman gets their shit together and gives me a solid understanding of who these characters are, how far they’re willing to go, and realistic motivations that show what Kate Kane is actually trying to accomplish in Gotham, besides being a brooding hero who plays a will they/won’t they game with her sister who might not be evil even after all the destruction she’s caused.

I said, what I said.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.

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