‘Batwoman’ 1×11 Review: “An Un-Birthday Present”

Batwoman‘s “An Un-Birthday Present” saw Kate getting bombarded with more guilt about rescuing her sisters all those years ago. We also come face to face with the reality that Sophie is a boring character and hard to cheer for in a Gotham that doesn’t want to get political but when it absolutely should and can’t avoid doing so. #ISaidWhatISaid.

It’s Not Kate’s Fault

“An Un-Birthday Present” spent a great amount of the episode dealing with Kate’s guilt over not saving her sister. And it’s understandable that she feels that way, especially with evidence staring at her right in the face that she could’ve saved Beth. Keeping all that in my mind I don’t like this continued narrative of Kate feeling guilty because she wasn’t able to do something as a child.

SHE WAS A CHILD. Did no one talk to her about how it wasn’t her fault? Did she never go to therapy? Because let me tell you, this is some fucked up guilt that she carries around in her heart, despite the fact that Beth is standing there in front of her, being saved by Kate’s actions.

Being able to rescue Beth and save her from an untimely death AGAIN is Kate’s redemption and I hope she holds onto that. She was a kid, with limited knowledge and resources when it came to rescuing her sister. Now she’s an adult with the capabilities and strength to rescue her sister and that matters. Here’s hoping Kate sees that and holds onto it.

The City Supporting Kate

It is 2020 and the woke community of the world doesn’t care for who is gay or not. It’s your business and you do you, no complaints from me. But that isn’t true for a lot of people in this world. Being gay is a “tragedy” or something that can get you killed if you even hold hands with the same sex out on the street.

Not wanting to turn on the Bat Signal because some didn’t want to get political and join in on the LGBTQ+ movement is something unavoidable. Either you’re for it or you’re against it. There’s no middle ground, no matter who you are or where you come from. And knowing that many people supported Kate…well, it gave me feels.

We should support our community of LGBTQ+ people and get over our hangups that separate us. Queer people are just trying to live their lives full of love, friends, and family. How can that be so wrong and why would anyone want to tear that apart? No one on this site, for sure.

Supporting the LGBTQ+ community makes us a better people and community, and that’s the tea.

I Still Can’t Click with Sophie

I don’t know what it is about Sophie but I just can’t click with her. No matter the situation or who she’s paired with she just falls flat and I hate it. Even pairing her with Alice didn’t give me the emotional resonance that I needed or wanted for these two women.

Instead, which I’m not totally sad about, we got to see the final pieces of Alice’s story come together in a shocking and sad turn of events that scarred her as a child and made her into this woman. She really deserved better and seeing the other Beth walking around is proof that she could’ve been so different.

Back to the Sophie train of thought.

I don’t think it’s the actress that throws me off. I’ve seen her in other work and connected with her. It has to be the writing then. Because it’s been 11 episodes and I still don’t see her as the big love story that got away when it came to Kate aka what I should feel for Sophie.

What I’m left with is a basic ass character played by a talented actress. Hopefully the writers, who have had these episodes planned weeks ahead, realize that they need more when it comes to Sophie and not just pairing her with Alice or the flavor of the week.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.

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