‘Batwoman’ 1×10 Review: “How Queer Everything is Today!”

Batwoman’s “How Queer Everything is Today!” saw our beloved hero coming out with a little help from her friend Kara Danvers, proof that Crisis isn’t going to disappear just because it’s over. Back to the coming out. It was a momentous occasion as it gave hope to those who are queer themselves and feel alone in the world. Because if the badass Batwoman is a lesbian, it can’t be bad to identify as the queer community, right?

Batwoman Coming Out

First of all, let’s start with the fact that Kara Danvers wrote the exclusive interview where Batwoman came out as a lesbian. This is proof that The CW isn’t going to ignore other superheroes now that Crisis is over with. I mean, at least for now at least. But anywho, it was a nice Easter Egg/surprise for those that are invested in Kate and Kara’s friendship.

Then there’s the reason why Kate had to come out. Yes, she did it because Slam, the stupidest name ever, was being shipped with her all over Gotham. Which, barf alert. But she also did it because there was a young woman who needed support, love, and a guiding hand to make her feel less alone and angry with the world for being gay herself.

It matters when we see people on TV or in our world that know what our struggles are about and the challenges we will face throughout our days/lives. It makes us feel less alone and less of a freak. It gives us hope that everything will be ok and that if someone like Batwoman can come out then we can too. And that sense of community, it matters, and I’m proud of Batwoman for coming out and setting the example she did. 

Mary Needing a Hug

I’m too invested in Mary’s life and I don’t care. She’s a shining beacon of hope that has had her wings clipped because of her mother’s death and father’s imprisonment. Who wouldn’t be thrown off and feel like the world is hopeless. Multiply this by the fact that she feels like she doesn’t have Kate’s support makes for a hard and lonely time for this badass.

The hug that Kate gave her was absolutely what she needed. No, it didn’t solve all the problems in the world, but it helped ground Mary after the ups and downs she’s been experiencing since the death of her mother. Sometimes that’s all we need when we’re in pain or when we’re grieving the loss of someone that can’t be fixed with a drop of a dime.

I am a bit concerned about the return of Beth and what that means for Mary and Kate. It’s already been tough enough with Alice sauntering around Gotham, causing mischief and mayhem, and killing Mary’s mom. I can’t even imagine how strained their bond will be when ANOTHER sister comes out of the woodwork. 

Here’s hoping this Beth isn’t like Alice and welcomes Mary into the family as she should. Hoping.

That Twist at the End Tho

We all knew that Crisis was going to mess things up. We’ve seen evidence of it on Supergirl and we know it’s coming for Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. We just didn’t think that The CW would be this ballsy when it came to bringing Beth back while still having Alice around causing trouble. 

Are they triplets? That’s the only way I could explain things. Maybe two were in the car that crashed and one of them was with the dad? I don’t know but I’m here for this crazy shit show to try and explain to me how this is even possible. Because it’s absolutely bananas but I love it to the moon and back & I am here for the drama.

The addition of Beth also throws Alice’s past into the shredder and leaves us wondering what the hell happened to her to turn her into Alice. Did she take it upon herself to adapt the Beth mantle because she was jealous of Beth and Kate’s relationship? Is Beth as sweet as pie as she looks to be? I don’t know and I need answers, asap!

Batwoman airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.

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