‘Batwoman’ 1×08 Review: “A Mad Tea-Party”

After hating on Catherine for episodes…I felt for her in Batwoman’s “A Mad Tea-Party.” Her apology to Alice was real and came from a place of love. That love was for Alice’s father and Kate, especially when they were still suffering through the loss of their mom and Beth. And you can tell from Alice’s face, she accepted the apology and was ready to make her merry way out of that theater to cause more trouble to Catherine down the line.

What Alice didn’t take into account is the fact that her brother Mouse isn’t going to idly sit by while Kate brings back Beth. Oh no, I think he planned this from the start. Think about it. He knew that Alice had the antidote for one. They tell each other practically everything and this was their big plan for a tea party of the century. That requires planning. Anywho, if Mouse is smart enough to not poison himself then he was smart enough to poison Catherine AND Mary.


Mouse knew that when given the choice, Catherine would save her daughter and choose death, and Alice would play along as if this mistake was planned by her all along. What happened next was inevitable. Jacob would no longer see the spark of Beth in his daughter Alice. And Kate’s hope for Beth would be shattered because no matter how much leeway she gives Alice, what she did to Mary bothers Kate to the point where she agreed with her father that they needed to stop Alice.

What comes next is Kate coming for Alice like never before. She’s done giving her second, third, and fourth chances. And when Alice sees that, when she realizes that Kate sees her as the enemy more than her sister, Alice will hit back just as hard. Who will be the winner in all of this, you might wonder? Mouse. He’s the winner of it all. He gets his sister doing bad and evil things with him and doesn’t have to worry about Kate ruining what they have.

As for Mary, she’s effectively alone. Her mother is dead, her father “poisoned” her mother, and Kate hasn’t shown her that she’s her sister. She’s going to be alone and I really hope that she doesn’t disappear into the ditzy thing that Alice thinks she is. Mary is so much more and I really hope her clinic doesn’t suffer because revenge is on her mind. Not to say that that is what Mary would go for. Just covering all my bases just in case. Because Mary knows her strengths, weaknesses, and who can really take down Alice aka Batwoman.


Talking about weaknesses, what was up with that Sophie and Tyler part of “A Mad Tea-Party”? It should be easy for Sophie to answer her husbands questions but she can’t. Kate is one of her weaknesses and she never got to fully close that chapter of her life. So when Kate blows back into town, it brought absolutely everything she felt for Kate right back to the surface. It’s not fair to Tyler no matter how much I want my main ladies, Sophie and Kate, to get their queer on.

So, Sophie needs to figure out what she wants and what she needs. Until then, Tyler and Kate are going to be held at arms reach with no conclusion or movement forward. And no one wants that. We want drama, we want feels, and we want to see what a woman like Sophie does when her heart and her head are pulling her into two different directions. Because she made a commitment to Tyler when she married him. But is that enough, to stop her returning feelings for Kate? We are more than ready to find that out!

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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