‘Batwoman’ 1×07 Review: “Tell Me the Truth”

Batwoman’s “Tell Me the Truth” finally laid it all out when it comes to Sophie and why she left Kate all those years ago. Being queer isn’t easy and when faced with some game changing life decisions, she chose herself. And no matter what anyone says, especially those that are reading this, Sophie did isn’t a bad person. She’s just human, like you and I. 

We Need to Talk About Sophie and Being Queer


Honestly, I’ve been a bit on the fence when it comes to Sophie. I haven’t been able to understand her motivations or what role she plays in Kate’s life besides being the ex-lover that works with her dad. Or to make Kate have those super awkward moments with her ex at work or at the next gala event. “Tell Me the Truth” helped me understand Sophie and even sympathize with her decisions and her pain. 

Sophie choosing her future over Kate isn’t selfish, doesn’t make her a bad queer, or erase the love that she held for Kate. I think a lot of times, people in positions of power and privilege forget how hard it is for those that pull themselves up by their bootstraps and by the generosity of scholarships or hard work because they’re poor, a woman, or a minority. (Speaking from experience here.) Kate was that privilege and Sophie was that person pulling herself up by her bootstraps. And I think it took until this episode for Kate to learn that and for us to understand as the audience.

That’s not to say that I don’t feel for Kate. She made a plan with Sophie. They were going to go in there and burn the house down with their love. But Sophie got a hard reality check because the world wasn’t as ready for her to come out as Kate was. Things are different now, with plenty of places moving at a snail’s pace towards change, and I’d like to think Sophie wouldn’t make the same choice this time around. But since time travel isn’t real, for now on Batwoman, we’re stuck with the decisions made.

Until gay people are allowed to live their lives without being judged, there will be those that take their time before coming out of the closet and those who never do take that giant leap forward. And we can’t look down at them because of this or make them feel any less. They are queers just like you and I and they deserve to come out on their own time and at their own pace. 

I have spoken.

Julia Pennyworth and Everyone Knowing Kate Kate is Batwoman


I honestly can’t wrap my head around the fact that Julia Pennyworth knew that Batwoman was Kate Kane. Really? One move and she’s like, “I know who you areeeee.” It makes no sense and leaves me right on the edge of an epic rant about superhero identities. Because Kara over on Supergirl literally takes off her glasses, shakes her hair out, and no one can recognize her. But Kate, with a top to bottom suit that gives her more coverage than Oliver Queen ever had…AND SHE STILL GETS DISCOVERED?!

I call bullshit. I call hoopla. I call tomfoolery. 

Sophie figuring out she’s Batwoman is also super silly and something straight out of a romance novel chock full of tropes. (Which, I’m guilty of reading and can totally call it out when I see it cuz reasons.) These two had a falling out that put them down completely different paths in life. But you’re trying to tell me that Sophie looked into Batwoman’s eyes and automatically knew it was Kate too? I call more tomfoolery on that. They haven’t seen each other in years! Like seriously, I can’t remember what I had last week for breakfast but Sophie can zero in and be like, “Yup. That’s Kate.”

More lies and tomfoolery!

Also, Mary Hamilton. If there’s anyone that should find out about Kate being Batwoman it’s Mary. Besides being Kate’s step sister, she’s the one that Batwoman has come to time and time again. Batwoman/Kate trusts her and Mary is a solid friend and family member who has your back, even when you’re not in the room. That’s why I’m so glad that Kate brought Mary into the plans for her new gay bar. There’s bonding coming down the road between Mary and Kate and I can’t wait! 

Sidenote: I think Mary is going to find about Batwoman, or she already knows, but will wait until Kate says something because that’s the kind of BAMF that Mary Hamilton is. Solid bro, especially when times are hard. And I can’t wait!

Favorite Scene from Batwoman’s “Tell the Truth”:

Look at The CW giving me sexy couples scenes between Kate and Sophie in the same manner that they’ve given us Olicity heterosexual scenes. I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.


Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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