People That Inspired Us In 2018

2018. I can’t say that I am sorry to see this year go. It’s been one of the best and the hardest. It’s been a year that has taught me, personally, about love, loss, strength, and weakness. It’s taught me a lot about what I want and don’t want out of life.

2018 has been a tough year for many and it’s a year that a lot of us are ready to put to a close. But when any of us look back upon the year – we have to look at the good with the bad. Who touched your heart? Who inspired you? Who taught you what you wanted to be and what you didn’t want to be?

When I look back upon this year – well, for me it’s different than for most. Taking on the people that inspired us list, well – I don’t think it’s possible to write. What so many miss is that we are all separate people and that we all have a mind of our own. I don’t ever expect anyone on this site to bend their thoughts because one of us feels a certain way or doesn’t. So yes, I may miss someone in this list and for that I am sorry. But I had to break down conversations over the year and choose the people that inspired us.

With every good and bad moment in 2018, there was a lesson to be learned. For me – it was about self worth. In February of this year, I was at my lowest. I was severely depressed, scared, and anxiety ridden. And a lot of that had to do with fandom. With the shit that we get because we may or may not agree with something. It took a lot to realize that at the end of the day – we are all different people, we all have different thoughts, and people may judge us by the clickbait – but they do not get a say in my self worth. Or anyone on this site.

That’s the biggest lesson that I learned this year.

Now, let’s break down who inspired us and why. They come from all walks of life and the reasons that they have inspired us are simple for some, complex for others.


We deserve the best people representing us and Harris is one of those. She doesn’t back down in the old boys club of Capital Hill, instead she journeys forward with conviction and knowing that there is a reason that she is there. To make a better life for the American people. She doesn’t give up hope, even we all feel like all hope is lost. She inspires us to be hopeful for a better tomorrow.


We fell in love with her One Day At A Time a few years ago, but this year we also got to really and truly appreciate Gloria’s way of uplifting other WOC, of continuing to fight the battle for representation, of never giving up and of doing so with grace, and with the true understanding that our own growth is never done and in order to help others we must first be willing to examine ourselves.


There is not a moment that Tiffany isn’t making us laugh, but with every laugh she’s inspiring us along the way. She has every reason to have a really big ego – but the actress chooses to use her celebrity and remain relatable. She’s authentic and unwavering. She wants people to be happy and seems to always be giving it 100%. She is kind, with a big heart, and not the big ego that people would think that she should have. She’s inspired us to always put our heart and truth in everything.


We’ve followed Carina for years and there isn’t a year that she hasn’t inspired us. In a world where she’s working her ass off everyday she has to live in the judgement of the public eye. She is open about her life, sharing behind the scenes from the show that she worked on (The Originals) and the one she created, and is open about mental health. She connects with her fans, but keeps her life for herself, while living it in the public eye. We are inspired by that and her creativity and will to always push through.


When I think back to the moment that I remember hearing about the Parkland High School shooting, tears fill my eyes. How these kids – so young and having one of the worst things imaginable happen to them – have given us hope is something I am not sure I will ever comprehend. Why? Because I would have cowered. They don’t have a lobbyist budget, but they are making the biggest impact with their voices and their commitment to change. They are changing history and defining a generation. The ways that they inspire us are endless.


In this world, we all have to censor ourselves, because what we want to say is not always politically correct. We have to worry about peoples feelings, the impact that our words have, and the way that people will judge. But Cardi B doesn’t do that. She’s proud of where she came from, where she’s going, and how hard that she’s working to get there. She’s in your face with the truth – no matter how harsh you think it is. She’s unapologetic about being herself, and she inspires us to be the same.


In a world that is filled with so much despair, you can’t help but feel an absence of joy. Life is hard and there are days where you really just want to say fuck it and give up. But then you see Sterling K. Brown and you realize that there is joy in the world. He’s filled with it. He projects it. He brings it to everything that he does. He inspires us to be joyful in every moment.


Yes, there is a Kardashian on our list and we’re not gonna apologize for it. If you watch the show – you know that Khloe has gone through a lot this past year and she’s had to live it all in front of the world. But she’s done it with style and grace and made no excuses – because truth is she doesn’t owe us one. The woman lives her life inspiring others, but being true to herself. And she inspires us to do the same.


If you ever feel like giving up, I challenge you to follow Julie Plec and watch the shows that she has created. She’s a genius. But she is also in tune with the world that she has created. Plec doesn’t ever take credit for everything that she’s accomplished on her own – instead making amazing connections with people, giving people opportunities to bring their dreams to life. She doesn’t accept that she has to be a certain way because she’s famous. She believes in human decency and being there for people and that inspires us.


It’s kind of funny, I didn’t realize that a television show would do so much to change my life – but this year, there have been a few. The Timeless Fandom has been one that has come together to believe in their show, to stand behind it, and to rally for change. The first time the show was cancelled, the fandom fought for it back and succeeded. The second time, well… the show is cancelled, but the fandom was given some closure, while leaving it open for more. The fandom banned together in positivity and love and for that we are inspired. We are inspired by their spirit and heart and the never give up attitude. I know that this fandom forever changed me.


Most little girls want to be a Princess and Meghan Markle made that dream come true for herself. She fell in love and followed her heart – which led her to marrying one of the most eligible men in the world. Prince Harry and Meghan’s love is evident in everything that they do. But that’s not the reason that she inspires us. She’s breaking royal norms and staying true to herself. In a world where she’s supposed to project a certain persona – she’s doing that and still remaining true to who she is and changing the world while doing it. Meghan Markle inspires us because no matter the expectations on her – she is true to herself and that is hard to do.


Well there is no secret here that I am not a fan of Donald Trump. But I am a fan of Robert Mueller. Not because he’s looking into Russia and the connection to Trump, but because he’s a by the book lawman who has taken the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s not walking away from the uncomfortable and the criticism – he’s got a life time of service that speaks for itself. He’s leading one of the most important investigations of our time, with really high stakes. But Mueller is staying the course for a fair investigation. For his service, truth, and perseverance, he inspires us.


It is an important time in our history and women are changing the landscape. No one in office has done more than Nancy Pelosi to change the road and build a better future for generations to come. She has fought for reproductive rights, paid family leave and affordable health care – just to name a few. It’s because of her that women can no longer be charged more for insurance because of gender or be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. That personally affects me and I am forever thankful. It’s because of things like that – well, that I don’t have to choose between eating and medication to survive. She does what is right. She hasn’t backed down on this stupid wall that Trump insists on. For being an advocate for women, Pelosi inspires us.


In a world before you could speak up about sexual harassment – Kesha did. She stood her ground and told her truth, no matter the consequences. She knew that she could loose everything – but when you have already had everything taken from your soul – what is left to loose. Kesha had her world blown open and splashed across the web for the world to see. But she still maintained her truth and didn’t cower. She taught us all that as a survivor that there is no shame in telling your story. She taught us that there is strength in telling the hard things in life and that there will be people to support you. For that, we are inspired.


As women we are taught that how we look is just as, if not more important than who we are. We are constantly judged for our looks and Little Mix isn’t having it. They made an entire album to remind women that they are beautiful and are valued for who they are. They speak out frequently to remind others that they are beautiful, they are important, and they are loved. They inspire us to appreciate ourselves for who we are.


Politics are important and in todays Drump world – we have to stand up and take an active role. She doesn’t back the hell down from the people who try to silence her. She stood her ground when asking Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about Donald Trump and financial ties to Russia. As he tried to stonewall her, she kept repeating, “reclaiming my time.” Waters inspires us to do just that – reclaim our time and fight for what we believe in.


Twitter is a toxic world and fandom can be the best and the worst thing in the world. Pete’s had a rough year, but the shit that he’s had to go through – he’s been open about it. He’s put his truth on the internet, been frank about his mental health, and made us all stop and take stock of our actions and the actions of others. Pete being truthful and Pete being vulnerable – well that’s inspiring. But his strength and surviving through it all – well that’s really fucking inspiring.


We’re big fans of After and can’t wait for the movie this year. Anna Todd didn’t mean to be famous, she set out to write a story. But the way that her story has changed and shaped lives has been something that has shaped Todd. She has a deep connection with her readers and they remain to be her priority. She has put her heart out there for them all. Todd encourages others and is there for everyone she knows and even those that she doesn’t. We’re inspired by the fact that no matter how influential and busy she gets she never turns her back on those that need her.


Yes, I get that you are shocked by this one – but we are inspired by them. The Shadowhunters fandom raised a ton of money trying to save their show. They supported great causes with it. Now, we’re not fans of the way that they treat people who don’t agree with them, but we can respect their passion and love. We’re inspired by the way that they came together when needed and the way that they helped others by their bond.


Supercorp fans… well some of them have taught me what twitter toxicity is. If anything they’ve inspired us – well not the whole fandom, but the ones that choose to harass, demean, call names, and send us death threats – how not to act on social media. But why am I including them on the list. Because fandom passion is inspirational.


What’s it like to be the biggest band in the world? Well, BTS lives that on the daily. So much so that they are stalked where ever they go. Their fans are die hards and hey – we can respect that. Why are they making the list? Because they haven’t just day back and rested on fame – they’ve used their fame to speak at the United Nations the “Youth 2030” event to launch Generation Unlimited, a UNICEF initiative “that aims to ensure that every young person is in education, learning, training or employment by 2030.” They inspire us because they want to use their fame for good. And that’s pretty amazing.


We’ve been fans since One Tree Hill and will continue to be fans. But it’s not only her acting that’s kept us fans and inspired by her. It’s also her no holds barred commentary and political stance. The actress is not afraid to stand up for what is right and is not afraid to use her platform to speak out for others. She inspires us because she’s fearless and that’s something we strive to be.


Tanya is on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and the co-host of the popular podcast Scrubbing In  – but what she makes the list is because of her overwhelmingly positive look on life. She uses her platform to spread positivity, greatness, and empowerment. She believes in her purpose and makes us believe in ours. That’s pretty damn inspirational.

TIMELESS — “The Miracle of Christmas Part II” Episode 212 — Pictured: (l-r) Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan — (Photo by: Darren Michaels/Sony/NBC)


We can’t imagine the ups and downs that they have gone through this year. We know it’s been an up and down year. But we do know that in the midst of it all they have put on the bravest faces and made sure that the fans were put first. They supported the fandom, stood beside them, and they took note of everything that the fandom did. They inspire us with the brave face no matter what was going on.

2018. You were a bitch. You broke us down, but that’s okay. 2019 will be the year we put ourselves back together. 

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