Our 21 Favorite Ships from 2018

We love love. And most importantly, we love the journey couples take towards that love, the getting to know each other, the teasing, hell; we even love the obstacles, as long as our favorites come through those together.

Because they give us hope. They remind us that we also deserve to live our own grand romance, and most importantly, that there is more than one way that grand romance can manifest, and that’s perfectly all right.

Love is love, no matter in what way it comes to us.

So, to close off the year, we’re going to talk about or favorite ships of 2018. May they continue to be a shining light for us in 2019!

Densi, NCIS: Los Angeles

The one couple from a show you’re probably not watching and that really and truly deserves our love, Densi is the standard for support and for going through life’s troubles together. They’ve were partners first, then friends, and they took the leap together, with eyes wide open, because they loved each other too much to not try. And now they’re about to get married, and they’re still as strong as they were the first day, still as good as balancing a life where they are each other’s first priority, always, but where issues are going to arise, and whatever comes, they’ll deal. Together.

CanEm, ErkenciKuş

Yes, we went and fell in love with a couple outside the usual boundaries of US TV, and we promise, if you give ErkenciKuş a chance, it’s very likely you will too. Not just because these characters are anything but the stereotypes we’d expect, but because they’re real people – he’s incredibly funny, she’s incredibly smart – who reminds us of ourselves sometimes, and who inhabit places that look very similar to the ones we might find ourselves in (different country and language notwithstanding), and find the love of their live in a way we kinda hop we would too. What’s not to love about that?


Lyatt, Timeless

We would have changed a thing or two about their journey (hello Jessica), but we were always damn sure of the endgame. And not because these two were meant to be together, no, on a show like Timeless fate isn’t the be all and end all. Because of choice. Because we always knew – even when they didn’t – that they were each other’s choices, and that, despite how many twists and turns life took, they were going to end up in a time and place where that choice was necessary, and then it was going to be as easy as breathing. That’s the way it is with all great loves, it’s not about perfection, it’s about the decision to be together, every day, forever.

Conic, The Resident

These two have been through a lot, and they’ve had to grow a lot separately so they could finally come to a place where they could move on from the pain and  start growing together once again, and we couldn’t be happier. Because the thing about Conic is that they complement each other so well, they are, very literally, each other’s balance. And when you find the person that helps you see things from a different perspective, the person that, just by existing, makes you a better version of yourself, well, you don’t let go, do you?


Riya, Timeless

Yes, another couple from Timeless, but how could I leave them out? Their love is in no way secondary’s to Lyatt’s, it’s just a different story, of different people coming together in the best way they could, and yes, these different people helped build a time machine and then literally fought through time and space to save each other, oh, and when that was done, they went ahead to not just build a life together BUT also a company that would allow kids like them to live out their dreams. Yeah, count us in for every couple having a story like Riya’s. In fact, the only thing we could ask for them would be …well, more?

Pepperony, Marvel Universe

The one couple in the MCU we’re still – always – rooting for, Tony and Pepper have gone through a lot together, and yes, Tony has had to grow a hell of a lot to get to a place where he could not just deserve the love of Pepper, but actually keep it. But here they are, finally, hopefully, both alive and ready to sail off into the sunset together and have kids and have their only concern be whether their surrogate Spider son is getting in trouble. Please Marvel, let it be so. That’s our 2019 wish.


Peraltiago, Brooklyn 99

The great thing about Jake and Amy’s relationship is that they support each other. Jake supports Amy and all her neurotic tendencies. And Amy supports Jake by getting his ass in gear about getting a new mattress. They’re a match made in heaven because they understand that growth can be achieved at each other’s side and with each other’s help. This doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. They mess up, they stumble a bit, but come out stronger because of the confidence, love, and respect they have for each other. And that’s what makes them a grand romance!

Sara and Carlota, Cable Girls

The one couple you can always reliable root for on this show, Sara and Carlota have been there for each other through a lot of things, from Carlota’s issues with a controlling father, to Sara very literally exploring a possibility of a sex change, and they’ve proven that their love transcends societal expectations, and that they will have each other’s backs, no matter what. Did I mention this show is set in late 1920’s Spain? Did I blow your mind? Because there two will, if you give them a chance.


Olicity, Arrow

Ups and downs seems to be the way of life for Olicity, and yet, no matter what the universe throws at them, there’s one thing that absolutely will never change: their love for each other. Couples can’t, they shouldn’t stay static, the only way to move forward is to grow together, to face life’s troubles with an open mind and an open heart, and that’s what Olicity has always tried to do. And though the future looks somewhat bleak for them, we will never give up on the one thing this couple deserves: their own happy ending.

Jonah and Amy, Superstore

It’s been such a long, funny and really bumpy journey for these two, and we’re finally here, in a romantic relationship, ready for a new part of this journey, expect, you know, together. But, of course, they wouldn’t be Jonah and Amy if that were straightforward and normal, oh, no, so you know, they had to add the secrets, and you know, the baby, but isn’t that just the way of life (and TV)? We don’t care about the obstacles anyway, not as long as these two are willing to face them together.


WestAllen, The Flash

It is a tale as old as time: Boy and girl are friends. They fall in love and get married. But before they have a chance to settle in to their new lives together, he gets thrown in jail for a murder he didn’t commit. They bring their frenemy back from the dead. And then their daughter travels back in time from the future to warn them of his impending death. Okay, so the problems that Barry and Iris face are rather remarkable. But, then again, so is their love for each other. In a medium that tends to confuse drama with love, the strength of the Westallen relationship sets it apart from most on television. It is a simple truth perfectly demonstrated in one brief exchange they shared while Barry was in prison: “See you tomorrow?” “Every tomorrow.” It’s why Barry called them the “gold standard.” And why we call them one of our top ships of the year.

David and Patrick, Schitts Creek

All I have to say is “Open Mic” and the feels and heart eyes are everywhere for David and Patrick from Schitts Creek. Patrick gets David, his insecurities, and how his sass is backed with so much love. And David sees an opportunity to grow and love when with Patrick. They’re a match made in heaven and one of the many reasons we love Schitts Creek. And really, if you haven’t given this amazing, heartwarming and hilarious show a chance, you should, and not just for these two (though fine, we admit they’re a big reason!)


Wayhaught, Wynonna Earp

From possessions, to stuck rings, and kidnappings, Wayhaught has had quite a year! And like the champions they are, they ended up on top; sometimes on top of each other and I don’t regret saying that at all. Nope. Back to Wayhaught land. Season 3 saw the continuation and natural development of a pair of badasses who love, respect, trust, and lift each other up. They’re goals and the kind of queer characters we need to see more of on our screens. Here’s hoping that season four seeing them moving in together or taking the next big step in their relationship: marriage!

Deckerstar, Lucifer

It was a rough year for Deckerstar, and there was a moment there where we thought we’d lost them for good (thank you, Netflix), but that doesn’t mean we’re don’t love the pairing of the actual Devil and the detective who makes him feel not just human, but good. And though that might seem one-sided, the thing is, this isn’t all about how Lucifer feels, no, in fact, this is more about how he lights up Chloe’s life, how he makes her laugh, how he believes in her, one hundred percent. Can you blame us for wanting more of that? Bring it, Season 4!


Jamie and Claire, Outlander

Jamie and Claire embarked on a new life together, so many years after being separated, and we couldn’t be happier to finally get to see these two spend time together, building the home they always dreamed of, and, of course, enjoying the family they never got to enjoy. And, the best part? Though many years have passed these two still look at each other not just with lust and love, but communicate as though they’re truly partners in this beautiful journey called life. Who said an established couple was boring? Hell no. We’ll take many more seasons of these two.

Newtina, Fantastic Beasts

There’s a lot we didn’t love about Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, but we’ll always love Newt and Tina’s adorkable love for each other, and how, despite the circumstances, these two always manage to bring out the best in each other. Newt will literally move heaven and Earth for Tina, and even when she’s mad, Tina won’t let anything stand in the way of helping Newt. But the most important thing for two people who definitely don’t adhere to society’s norms, is that Tina and Newt love each other ….well, just the way they are. That’s why we love their love so damn much.

Season 3 Eleanor GIF by The Good Place

Eleanor and Chidi, The Good Place

Being vulnerable is one of the hardest things in the world, and admitting you love someone can be excruciating when you’ve never felt loved, but Eleanor and Chidi found real love with each other, even in the afterlife, and through many, many twists and turns, and reboots and so much crazy shit, they always end up in the same place: needing each other, making each other better. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the definition of OTP to me.

Choni, Riverdale

Toni sees Cheryl in a way that no one has ever taken the time to do so before. The South Side Serpent sees the young woman trying to put up a bombshell front and has worked her way past that and into Cheryl’s heart. Also, they fight for each other SO. DAMN. HARD. Cheryl gets thrown away like old greek yogurt that’s been sitting in the back of a fridge for months. And Toni, well, this badass comes after Cheryl. She doesn’t give up, she keeps fighting, and she keeps believing in our Riverdale queen. In return, Cheryl gives her her trust, heart, and strength via a Little Red Riding Hood rescue with red hood and everything. They’ve got ways to go, and adventures to go on to discover more about each other, but they’re on the right track and we can’t wait to see more!


Richonne, The Walking Dead

So what if Rick is gone now and our ship is put on hiatus? Richonne is still one of the greatest ships out there and for most of the year it was sailing true and proud. In 2018, we were blessed with a couple that backed each other, grew together, and defended their home at each other’s side. They proved how hard work, patience, and perseverance can be achieved together, even if they didn’t see eye to eye on absolutely everything. (It would be boring if they agreed on everything. Plus that’s what makes them great: the perspective they give the other.) Oh, and we got the blessed #Richonne baby, which Rick doesn’t know about but it’s still a blessing indeed.

Philinda, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

If you have been a fan of Agents of SHIELD since day one, there is a very good chance you also shipped Phil Coulson with Melinda May. Through the years we have seen the bond these two have, and the connection that has only strengthened each season. Fate and circumstance has always kept them apart….until this season, when May didn’t let even Phil’s dying from his deal with the Ghost Rider stand in the way of letting the two of them finally let out the love they have for one another. We may have said goodbye to Philinda, but the lasting memory of them spending Phil’s last days in Tahiti will stay with us forever.


Bishmont, A Discovery of Witches

Without giving spoilers away, because season one of A Discovery of Witches hasn’t premiered in the US yet, let’s talk about Diana and Matthew. What makes them epic, what makes them a ship worth running down the street and screaming about the glory of Bishmont, and what makes them one of the most exciting ships of 2018, is the way they complement each other. I don’t mean like pleasantries, even though yes, they do complement each other. I’m talking about how they fit together, ying and yang, two pieces of a whole while being complete persons themselves. There’s strength in Bishmont and the way that they love. You’re gonna love it. We guarantee it!

Honorary mentions: Captain Swan (Once Upon A Time), Eclaris (The Gifted), Beth and Randall (This is Us), Fitzsimmons (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), Rebecca and Jack (This is Us), AvaLance (Legends of Tomorrow), Syd/Elena (One Day At A Time).

Agree? Disagree? Have any other ships you think should have made the list? Share with us in the comments below!

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