Here we are. Cable Girls 5B. The last few episodes. El fin. It’s hard to end a show, let’s start there. No matter what you do, there will be a faction of fans who aren’t happy. Happy ending? Why? That’s cliché! Tragic ending? Why? We deserve happiness? Pick one halfRead More →

We love love. And most importantly, we love the journey couples take towards that love, the getting to know each other, the teasing, hell; we even love the obstacles, as long as our favorites come through those together. Because they give us hope. They remind us that we also deserveRead More →

I was really excited for Cable Girls Season 3. Like really, really excited. And then I watched it. And now I’m just …I’m not sure what I am. Sad and angry? Sangry? Is that an emotion? Because, wow, was that a waste of eight episodes. It feels to me likeRead More →