7 Reasons Why You Should be Watching Netflix’s ‘Cable Girls’

Netflix has a lot of original content, probably way more than you have had time to sift through. At times, it can get overwhelming to have that many choices. First world problems, I know, but how can you pick between so many pretty posters and find the show that will speak to you?

How can you find your next obsession?

Well, allow me to throw my hat in the ring for Netflix’s Spanish-show Cable Girls – which you can watch in the US in its original Spanish with subtitles, or with English dubs – a feminist period piece that delivers not just pretty clothes and fierce women, but also romance, intrigue and friendship.

So, here are 7 reasons why you should be watching Cable Girls:


You know the thing that’s most lacking in TV in general? Supportive, healthy portrayals of female friendships. The core of this show, the heart of it, and more importantly, the plot, revolves around four female friends, and that’s something you don’t see often. And yeah, they’re not exactly saints, and sometimes you – and their friends – want to strangle them, but these women are real, and through it all, they have each other’s backs.


I am not kidding you, a real OT3, one that isn’t just about two people and a third one who is attracted to just one of those people, no. This is a loving relationship between three people who have their ups and downs and are allowed to live through them like any three people in a relationship would.


The show is set in the late 1920’s in Spain, so you’d think the show would not be going into LGBTQ+ issues, as the general sense we get from our entertainment is that the LGBTQ+ community wasn’t even around back then. But that’s a lie, and the show doesn’t shy away from issues that even shows set in modern days have a problem depicting, which is incredibly refreshing.


None of that a woman’s place is at home with her husband kinda crap on this show, at least, not presented as a good thing. This show is feminist AF and it makes no apologies for the way it centers its female characters, gives them agency and allows them to dictate not just their storylines, but the overall plot.


Family is a complicated thing, and when you add parental expectations, the period the show is set in, as well as gender roles; you have a really interesting dynamic that is played out in often unpredictable ways in this show.


No matter where your tastes run, there’s probably an OTP or two that will capture your attention. I’m not going to spoil things for you here, but if you like romance, this show will give you that without ever making you feel like the romance is the be all and end all of everything.


How much do you know about what the time period was like in the US, much less outside of it? This show is a walking history lesson, and presented in an easy to digest way that’ll end up with you being the smartest person at your monthly trivia game party. Just saying.

Cable Girls Season 3 will be available on September 7th, on Netflix.

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