‘Cable Girls’ 5B Review: What’s Another Word for Disappointment?

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  1. Ruthless says:

    I was equally disappointed. I’m still trying to process all the tragedies the writers managed to pack into the last 2 seasons.

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      It feels like they switched gears on what they wanted the show to be midway, and I was NOT PREPARED!

  2. Ruthless says:

    I agree. It was just too much.

  3. Teresa Garcia says:

    Didn’t care for the Thelma and Louise type ending but after dragging the show for a couple of more seasons it makes sense. It really should have ended with season 3.

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      Once they went into the Civil War it was hard to see it ending any other way, on that we agree. But yeah, the first 3 seasons were the superior seasons.

  4. Kathy says:

    Agree. Very dissappointed. They took us through 5 seasons of unrealistic events happening. Lidia’s fall and not only is she not paralyzed or dies, but has the baby. Francisco in a coma for a year…but then reovers in 5 minutes to participate in a prison break. Lidia’s bag of pharmecuticals to knock out men. So why not make it back to the train?
    It wasn’t “life” It was a show. There was always telenovela looming. It was about friendship among women, the family you choose, and striving for your dreams.
    Season 5 was a disconnect as 7 or 8 years had passed since the chicas were involved in each others lives.
    It woulld have been more empowering if once they drugged the army men, they made it to the train, and ended with us believing that their future was uncertain, but they could continue thier fight in South America.

  5. Nour says:

    I just finished the series and I can only say that this is the most disappointing ending I’ve seen. I mean, sure, the writers wanted to show the power of women, and how they sacrificed their lives to save hundreds of others. It seems like a fit ending. But it was soo disappointing. Like why? Why don’t I get to see a happy ending, just for once? I think the ending would’ve been much better if it had just ended 20 mins earlier, just at the time Francisco got on the train and they were heading to Bordeaux. There was no need for them to get caught and….. After two weeks of watching this show, I currently can’t feel anything but utter and absolute disappointment.

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      I absolutely understand you. I feel the exact same way – that would have been a fitting ending. This was just pain for the sake of pain.

  6. Dee says:

    I needed to check why the characterisation of the women was so different in Season 5, looks like the authors changed in part. Formerly the women appeared resourceful and strong, however in season 5 they appeared unrealistic and over the top about their confidence to effect change. Lidia at the front walking around the countryside in high heels, then seductively bribing the guards with money, the inflated deals with art works and photos etc, it seemed way more contrived than former seasons. Sofia was frustrating and naive as a character and in some way it made me feel that the women had been diminished by presenting them in this season. It was inconsistent with the other seasons. Disappointing.

  7. Lillian Velazquez says:

    I’m so disappointed, to build you up as Nd just drop you. These woman fought so hard and were unable to reap the benefits. Why??? Are the writers that unhappy with their lives.

  8. Marty says:

    Were there any women writers for this show? Felt to me like once again men dominated and women were the victims. What a lousy ending to a message that women are strong and can be free. Total betrayal of what I thought the show was about.

  9. Sophie says:

    Still so frustrated by this ending. When they all rescued Oscar from prison in season 4 they made Sofia a motherless child. Now this ending. Both Eva and Marga’s newborn are motherless. Seems pointless. Perhaps the writers could have let Carlotta and Oscar leave the train just the 2 of them…. protected their friends who had children who needed them. Why all 4 of them? It was just a writing stunt for affect. Also, Francisco would never have let Lidis die, after 5 seasons of being there for each other, this ending was the worst possible ending.
    They went for sensational and lost the spirit of the series. We , the loyal fans deserved better.

  10. Kvass20 says:

    Absolutely HATED series 5! The characters and dynamic of the show was completely different than previous 4 it’s like there was a different writer came in and hadn’t watched the show before. Utter garbage. Carlos being done away with like that and the girls at the end. What a let down for this amazing series. There’s no way frincisco would let Lidia leave. Theres no way she would leave her kids. Should’ve finished at series 4

  11. As says:

    The ending of the show felt like a desperate attempt for a heroic ending which turned out to be even unrealistic- there was no communication between then present officers and others so how did they come at the end moment to arrest the girls? Marga gave birth 2 days ago and she could run like anything? Also Carlota and Oscar were basically malnutritioned in the prison still they ran?- Also they did so much building up only for it to come crashing down in the end. Lidia and Francisco couldn’t be together even though he recovered and didn’t lose her at the train station again. Oscar and Carlota reunited only to die and so did Marga and Pablo. The ending felt forced and illogical at the same time.

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