Our Top Quotes from 2018

Have you watched a TV show, or a movie and all the sudden found yourself stopping at a quote and going …yes! Yes! That. Have quotes touched you so deep that you made them your mantra, that’s how much you identified with them?

Well, you’re not alone! So have we.

So, before the year ends, we wanted to take a look back at the quotes that inspired us, the ones that touched us, the ones that made us go awww. The ones that stayed with us. Because words matter. And these words meant a lot to us.

Without further ado, here’s out list, in no particular order:

“Well, medicine, science, engineering, candy floss, LEGO, philosophy, music, problems, people, hope. Mostly hope.” – The Doctor, when asked what kind of a “doctor” she is. Doctor Who.

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“I love you. I have always loved you.” – A father’s final love affirmation. A Quiet Place

Elena: “No, it’s my turn. You know, I’ve thought a lot about what happened and I’ll spare you the details about the anger and the crying and the weight loss and the empty space on my wall where your picture used to be. Because I’ve decided that there’s no point in focusing on the negatives. I’d rather think about the good things that came from this like …you taught me a really valuable lesson. Just because I’m gay, people will hate me without knowing anything else about me. I always knew that was part of the deal. I just, I never expected it from my own father. But now I know not to expect the best from anyone. So thanks, I guess. Oh and one more thing, I’ve learned some really cool stuff about myself. Like I’m tough, I’m really tough. And when I do stumble, I have the most amazing mom whose always right there to pick me up. So whatever dude, I’m moving on with my life. I’m going to be fine. I’m just really bummed out for you. You’re going to miss a lot of stuff and that sucks. Because I’m pretty great.” – Elena confronts her father. One Day At A Time

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Deeks: “I was wrong, I want to marry you. And if you marry me, I swear to God I’ll give you everything I have in this life.

Kensi: And I will give you everything I have in this life.” – Kensi and Deeks, reaffirming their commitment. NCIS: Los Angeles

“My only desire is to live free. The rest will work itself out.” – Harriet Tubman to Rufus. Timeless


“I’m not leaving because I’m scared, or because I think I’m not enough – because maybe for the first time in my life, I know I am. I just love Nick so much, I don’t want him to lose his mom again. So I just wanted you to know: that one day – when he marries another lucky girl who is enough for you, and you’re playing with your grandkids while the Tan Hua’s are blooming, and the birds are chirping – that it was because of me: a poor, raised by a single mother, low class, immigrant nobody.” Rachel explains herself. Crazy Rich Asians.

“Love doesn’t look the same for everyone. It can come in so many forms. How can anything be wrong with spending your life with the person you love?” – Anne discusses Mrs. Barry. Anne with an E

Rapunzel: “Do people assume all your problems got solved because a big strong man showed up?
Vanellope: Yes! What is up with that?
Pocahontas, Merida, Rapunzel, Elsa, Aurora, Moana: She is a princess!” – Disney makes fun of itself. Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Marisol: “I never show my legs. My pinche tomboy scars are embarrassing.
Emma: Well, that’s stupid. Lying, cheating, being a bully, those are things to be ashamed of. But scars… they’re maps of who you are.” – Marisol and Emma discuss life experiences. Vida.

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T’Challa: “We can still heal you…
Erik Killmonger: Why, so you can lock me up? Nah. Just bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships,’cause they knew death was better than bondage.” – Killmonger chooses his fate. Black Panther

Christopher Robin: “I’m not the person I used to be.
Winnie The Pooh: You saved us. You’re a hero.
Christopher Robin: I’m not a hero, Pooh.The fact is, I’m lost.
Winnie The Pooh: But I found you.” – Winnie teaches Christopher Robin a lesson. Christopher Robin.

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“Life is unpredictable. Not everything is in our control, but as long as you’re with the right people you can handle anything. And you, Jake Peralta, are the right person for me.” – Amy to Jake. Brooklyn 99.

Albus Dumbledore: Do you know why I admire you, Newt? You do not seek power. You simply ask, “Is a thing… right?” The true measure of a good man. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

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“When my body dies, my soul will still be yours. ” – Jamie to Claire.  Outlander.

Lorna: I thought if we had a child, that it would have it easier than we did, that we would build a better world where are our kid wouldn’t have to hide.
Marcos: We are building a better world. It’s just taking some time. We have to have faith.
Lorna: I always love that about you, that you have faith. – Lorna and Marcos discuss the future. The Gifted.

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Harper: “Guys think that they like girls who like sports. What they actually like is a girl in a very tight sports jersey,serving them wings and getting the terminology wrong. Guys like girls who like guys who like sports.” – Harper explains what guys like. Set It Up

‘Principles aren’t principles when you pick and choose when you’re gonna follow them.’ – Chidi is Chidi. The Good Place.

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Simon: Dear Blue, it doesn’t seem fair that only gay people have to come out. Why is straight the default? – Simon asks the real questions. Love, Simon.

Rick Dicker: “If you wanna get out of the hole, first you gotta put down the shovel.” – Some wisdom. The Incredibles 2

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“I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go, Mr. Stark, please. Please, I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go.” – Peter pleads with Tony. Avengers: Infinity War.

“Human beings only live 80 years and they spend so much of it just waiting for things to be over!” – Janet contemplates humans. The Good Place.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more quotes you think we should have included? Share with us in the comments below!

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