Ten Ways To Make It Through This Epic #Droughtlander

Drought-lander: /drout,landər/ 

  1. noun: a prolonged period of time without new episodes of Outlander.
  2. noun: an exceptional amount of time to not see Jamie and Claire Fraser

A few weeks ago, Outlander fans were given the sad news that the show would not return this spring, but rather this coming fall. This puts fans of the hit Starz series into the longest #Droughtlander they’ve experienced between seasons.

Outlander season three will focus on the novel Voyager, the third novel in Diana Gabaldon’s hit book series. It’s a beast of a novel as Claire desperately tries to go back to the past and reunite with Jamie. Meanwhile, Brianna, Claire and Jamie’s daughter, must deal with the news that Jamie is her father and that her mother has travelled through time. Season 3 of Outlander is going to be MASSIVE. The cast recently wrapped filming in Scotland and is now headed to South Africa. The shows scope is expanding rapidly and with it fans are forced to wait even longer for their favorite TV series to return.

At Fangirlish, we understand the wait for Outlander can be a gruesome one. Like us, we know you need a constant flow of adorable Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe moments. Below is a list of ten things Outlander fans can do to hopefully alleviate the early days of #Droughtlander 2017.

1. Look Up Old Interviews of This Adorable Cast

It’s safe to say that the Outlander cast is one of the cutest out there. Since day one they’ve become inseparable and we love watching them together. From adorable outtakes to interviews, we can’t get enough. One way to get through #Droughtlander is watching old interviews, but be warned once you spiral down this YouTube hole, it’s hard to pull yourself out of it.

2. Read (or Lets Be Honest, Re-Read) the Outlander Book Series


You haven’t truly experienced everything the world of Outlander has to offer until you’ve read Diana Gabaldon’s book series. With eight books out currently, and another one on the way, reading or re-reading the series is a great way to still enjoy a constant flow of Outlander during this #Droughtlander. Even if you haven’t read them and want to remain surprised, just read books 1 and 2, it’s at least something.

3. Watch The Cast in Some of Their Other Films/TV Series


If you just really want to see the cast’s adorable faces, check them out in some of their past films and TV shows. From Caitriona Balfe in Jodie Foster’s Money Monster to Graham McTavish in the AMC’s series Preacher, there’s always a way to see this cast outside of Outlander. If you really want to see some classic, young Sam Heughan check out Young Alexander the Great or A Princess for Christmas. Both adorable choices for a little more Sam Heughan in your life and beat #Droughtlander.

4. Re-Watch Season One and Season Two


A great way to beat #Droughtlander is to re-watch seasons one and two of the series. You can never get enough of hearing that theme song over and over again. Now is the best time to re-watch the series. From Claire’s first journey into the stones to their wedding night to their time in France, it’s all amazing to re-watch again and again. Plus, it’s another opportunity to envy Claire’s beautiful Parisian wardrobe from season 2.

5. Buy Some Outlander Merchandise


Alright, so you’re on your couch watching Outlander or reading it, either way you’re most likely crying. What would make this scenario even better is if you’re rocking some incredible Outlander merchandise. From pillows to shirts to jewelry, there are millions of ways to represent your love for Outlander. You can check out the official Outlander store here or you can rock some more unique merchandise from Redbubble and Etsy. Either way, showing your love for Outlander during #Droughtlander is essential.

6. Look Up the Endless Amounts of Adorable Gifs of Sam and Cait

It’s absolutely no secret that Sam and Cait are just the most adorable friends on this Earth. And if anyone were to get us through #Droughtlander it would be the two of them. We have so many favorites, but below find what we call “The Sam and Cait Adorable Gif Starter Pack.” Also, feel free to look up your own. It will eat up at least a few hours.


7. Attend Emerald City Comic Con in March

Emerald City Comic Con

If you want to see Sam and Cait outside of your TV screens, the duo will also be attending Emerald City Comic Con this March in Seattle on March 2-5th. Even if you can’t attend in person, the adorable interviews and fan photos that will come out of this convention will be good enough. Also, with #Droughtlander extending until September, chances of Outlander being at SDCC 2017 are very high.

8. Read The Making of Outlander

Entertainment Weekly

This past winter, Tara Bennett released the book The Making of Outlander. Essentially the Bible for any devoted fan of the TV series, the book goes into detail in how the show has put together the first two seasons. With behind the scenes photos, an introduction by Diana Gabaldon and more on-set stories than ever before, this book is perfect to help with #Droughtlander. You can buy it here.

9. Listen to the soundtracks for days

Something that had always made Outlander stand out from other dramas currently on TV, is the impeccable score by Bear McCreary. The score acts like another character as it breathes life into every scene. Even the difference between season one and season two’s scores are so different, it helps build the worlds our characters are in. So, to help get through #Droughtlander just listen to the scores by McCreary.

10. Get your friends into Outlander


Outlander is great to watch and flail over alone, but isn’t it better to drag your friends into #Droughtlander as well? One weekend, just sit all your friends down and screen the first two seasons of Outlander. Throw a party, wear kilts, go crazy! The more friends you have, the better. After all, do you really want to suffer through #Droughtlander alone?

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