Hello season five! Do you feel the end of Droughtlander coming? Well, we still have a few months to go, but at least we got some content out of NYCC! First, a first look at season five that has us counting the days: And of course, some pictures from theRead More →


We finally know when Droughtlander will end! That’s right, we got a date: February 16th, 2020. That’s when we can expect to see the Frasers again. We got a date for more than that, though, as Starz also announced the official Outlander panel presentation at New York Comic Con 2019Read More →

Some people  – the important people, the one that really and truly leave a mark on your heart – never truly leave you, for even when they’re gone, they remain in your heart, forever.  That is true of Brianna, and it was true of Murtagh, but in “Savages” one of themRead More →

For all that Outlander is, ostensibly, a love story; family is at the center of all the show has always been. Back in Season one, Claire became Jamie’s wife, not because of love – not at first, but because by becoming his family, she’d be protected. The story later grewRead More →

Droughtlander is almost over! Season 3 is the past! Outlander Season 4 has an exact premiere date! The time-travel drama will return to Starz on November 4th, which yes, is still more than two months away, but hey, at least we have a date! The series stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam HeughanRead More →

Outlander knows how to pull at our heartstrings at all the right moments. With Jamie and Claire struggling to cope without each other, Outlander continues to deliver a season that thrives on the quiet and subtle performances from its remarkable cast. While we love the series for the giant battle scenes andRead More →

After Sunday and the premiere of Outlander, we know one thing – our bodies and our hearts are ready for Outlander season 3. You can tell by the way that we swooned over the season premiere. The new promo shows Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) as they areRead More →

Drought-lander: /drout,landər/  noun: a prolonged period of time without new episodes of Outlander. noun: an exceptional amount of time to not see Jamie and Claire Fraser A few weeks ago, Outlander fans were given the sad news that the show would not return this spring, but rather this coming fall. This puts fansRead More →