‘Batwoman’ Pilot Order Has Landed at The CW and We’ve Got Some Concerns

Rejoice Batwoman fam, Kate Kane is coming to The CW and is ready to clean the streets of Gotham! The CW has ordered a pilot for the series and will have David Nutter directing the first episode.

Honestly, we’re not surprised. Ruby Rose, our badass Batwoman, killed it last month during the DCTV Elseworlds crossover. From her suit to her whole demeanor, I could see Batwoman and was already invested in the LGBT hero of my dreams.

What I am a little surprised about is the fact that The CW didn’t decide to have a queer person direct the pilot of Batwoman, you know, who is a queer character herself. Were there no queer directors? None? No queer female directors, at that? Nada?

The CW is trying to be more open, more inviting, to representation on all fronts. But stuff like this, where a heterosexual man gets to direct the first episode of an out lesbian superhero, speaks of ignorance. “Oh but we should go for people that have the experience.” How about no? Queer material does not happen enough and when it does you should have people directing and writing who have actually lived the experience.

Has David Nutter lived the out lesbian experience? I don’t think so. He’s just a well known dude who’s directed Arrow, The Flash, and some episodes of Game of Thrones, so why not!

This is also the part where I tell you that this is just the beginning. Like many The CW shows, the pilots leave a lot to be desired and are done because money is the name of the game. Infuriatingly true. Once Batwoman gets the all clear and gets a season order, that’s when you’ll see the change in who directs and writes this show.

So, here I am The CW. I’m crossing my fingers, my arms, and toes, in hopes that you don’t fuck up the brilliance that is Kate Kane and her Batwoman. Here’s also hoping that casting, which is probably in full swing right now, does a great job at casting Kate’s father, Colonel Kane and Batwoman’s enemies like Alice, the former madame of the Religion of Crime in Gotham.

While we’re at it, I’d really love to see MORE queer characters. What about Renee Montoya? I know that her character is set to hit the big screen in DC’s Birds of Prey, but we can have a little Renee here too, right? We can have more than one queer woman that isn’t the girlfriend on a show and opposite the lead, right?

Let’s hope so!


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