4 Things We’re Still Talking About From 1×05 of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’

When it comes down to it, there are a few things that draw me into a television show, but nothing more than a connection and genuine interest in characters. When you connect with the characters, when you really feel like you are invested in their happiness, sadness, future, and past – for me at least – it’s a show that I can’t get enough of. It’s a show that I want to know more about.

It’s a show that I invest my time in.

I think for me the reason that I am so obsessed with Roswell, New Mexico is all of the above and even more. Sure, I have my crushes (Michael Vlamis drew me in even before I saw the show – just follow him on Instagram and you’ll see why) and I have my ships (Malex and Echo, anyone?), but I am also invested in the people that I don’t like as much. I am waiting to see what is happening with Isabel, Kyle’s intentions (though I don’t trust him) and I need to know that Maria is going to have a happy ending with someone, somewhere. I even am drawn into Alex’s Dad, who I personally think is the spawn of the devil.

This past weeks episode had us on the edge of our seat and wondering just how far we would go to keep a secret. How far would you?

Here’s what we can’t stop talking about.

The Room In The Basement

Now, I have made no secret that I don’t trust Kyle. I wish that I did, but I don’t. However, this episode did one thing – it made me feel for him.

When he goes to his Dad’s cabin and Alex is there and they go through the whole memory road, I started to feel for both. Kyle especially. He goes to the cabin to look for clues into Rosa’s death and the ties to his Dad. Alex is there to escape, which, who can blame him for that? His Dad is like the biggest douche-bag in the world (and that’s taming down my real thoughts on him) and he doesn’t feel like he can be with the only man that he loves. Personally, I feel like we are getting a lot more from Alex then I would be able to give if I was him.

Alex has this captivating personality and I feel like drawn into everything he says and does. I want him to have everything.

I love that Alex and Kyle take a stroll down memory road. But what I hate is that when they find the room below the cabin – when they find out that Rosa is really Kyle’s half sister and that his Dad and Rosa weren’t having an affair – well, Alex hid that he saw a clue.

And he didn’t tell Kyle.

I think we all know that I don’t trust Kyle. I am okay with that. But for me to doubt Alex for even a second – I hate.

I love that we have some answers. I love that every episode of Roswell, New Mexico is something that throws you for a loop. I don’t like that this one made me wonder if one of my favorite characters was not to be trusted. Alex, don’t say you are involved with Project Shepard.

If he is – someone pass the vodka, cause I am going to need to be drunk to handle it.

I think that the realization that people aren’t who you think you are is one of the hardest things to feel in the world. I feel for Kyle. But I also have to second guess my distrust of him because his father – well, I think he was trying to protect him from ever having to be part of the same world he was in.

But that shit hurts.

The Gunshot

Leave it to Liz to not just leave things alone. Kyle lets her see his Dad’s box, and even though she says in a way that she’s going to leave it alone for a day, is anyone shocked that she goes through the box? I am not. I mean sure, I wouldn’t be able to leave it alone either.

If it was my sister, I would move heaven and earth for answers.

But we all know that just because you want answers doesn’t mean that the ones you get will be the ones you want. The ones you get are sometimes really fucking painful.

Liz knows that her sister was murdered. She knows that she was murdered by an alien. But what she quickly learns is that there are answers out there that people just didn’t share. It doesn’t make it easier.

In the box of stuff that Kyle’s Dad left behind, she finds a tape. She hears a 911 call that there were 3 kids floating in the desert. Of course weird dude with the podcast was the one who saw them. Now, I am not saying that people with podcasts are weird – I love so many of them. But this dude – he took the cake.

Now the one right thing that he did was he kept the tape of what happened that night. He had people trying to shut him up, but he didn’t give him the right tape. But I wanna know who was trying to shut him up. Also why was the guy whose sister died that night trying to keep him quiet and ended up there, trying to kill him and Liz.

But like, truly.

When weird dude is killed and Liz is put in that crate and brother of the girl who died with Rosa attempts to murder her and set her on fire, not gonna lie – my heart hurt a bit. But I knew that Liz wasn’t about to give up and she was gonna fight to the very end.

And she was gonna win.

Liz is like this epitome of strength, fierceness, and wisdom. She is not willing to give up on life. She’s not willing to let anyone take more than they have already taken from her.

Now sure, Max showed up when she needed him and I applaud that. But I refuse to believe that Liz isn’t a woman that can’t take care of herself. However, with Echo being endgame I cheered. I also screamed when Max was shot.

Like what did Max do to deserve that? NOTHING. Fuck with my endgame, I fuck with yours.


Now, Izzy is not my favorite character, not even close. It’s not saying anything against the actress, I like her. I just haven’t found that deep connection and emotional investment that I have with other characters. I just feel like there is something left to find and whatever that is needs to be found soon.

Izzy has disappeared and her brothers found her in the middle of the desert. She’s of course out of it, doesn’t know how she got there, and she’s pretty much destroyed. She casually lets it slip that she is out of practice and that is what happened. Oh Izzy, if you are gonna turn yourself in for shit, be better about being discrete.

Max finds out that they messed with Liz’s mind before and he spent 10 years thinking that he wasn’t worthy of a goodbye. BUT he had been. He’d been so worthy of it. It’s his brother and sister that had taken it from him.

Now they’d done it for a good reason in their own minds. Was it really a good reason? I mean that is up for debate. Do I agree with lying? Nope. But at the same moment, I do understand why they did it. I also understand Max’s anger. I understand the fact that he feels as though everything was ripped out of him.

Izzy can’t keep up with her secrets and no one can protect her from them. The truth always comes to light. Her husband is looking for answers. She can’t give him answers. She wants to. But how do you tell the person you love that you’re an alien and they never knew you all along?

My heart broke for her. How lonely it must feel to not be able to tell the truth about who you are?

The Truth Comes Out

Echo is my end game, but I wonder – how do you bounce back when you know that the alien that you love – his sister murdered your sister? I mean that’s a deal breaker for me.

Am I alone on that?

I can agree with Liz that I would have ran to the ends of the earth to make sure that the man that I loved was okay. I would have used my medical training to make sure that he was okay. I would have done anything in the world to make sure that the person that I loved was okay.

But what happens when these two come together is that vulnerability becomes the thing that shines.

Liz and Max can read each other. They have a hard time keeping secrets. They have a hard time not letting walls down.

There is an attraction that is beyond this world.

And I am here for that.

Honorable Mentions

  • Kyle throwing shit and breaking down after finding out that his father wasn’t the man he thought he was.
  • Liz interviewing for the research position. She really staying in Roswell?
  • Alex finding the spaceship piece. I am choosing to not focus on this too much, because I am having a hard time knowing that I can’t trust one of my favorites.
  • The relationship between Max, Michael, and Izzy had to have changed after the revelation. Right?

Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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