‘Deadly Class’ 1×09 Review: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of “Kids of the Black Hole”

Deadly Class‘ “Kids of the Black Hole” saw the divide between Maria & Saya widening because of a young man (Talk about predictable), the death of Master Lin’s wife, and the kickoff to the shit show of epic proportions that is coming for everyone and everything on this show. Here’s hoping they survive this all and set Maria & Saya on a track where a man isn’t the thing separating them.

The Good – The Build Up to the Shit Show


Ignoring the ACTUAL shit show, I wanted to shine a light on how far these young women and men have come. Before this show, they were all scattered. Marcus was out on the streets, barely surviving, and one step away from jumping off a building and killing himself. Saya was cruising along in her life, no real purpose besides being the best and keeping her relationship with Maria a secret.

Then you have Maria. She was oppressed and abused by a young man who fashioned himself as her savior but actually was her captor. Billy followed the same line of abuse but his brother and mother were still alive and suffering from the pain caused by the Dad. And Willie was living a front and never letting anyone close enough to see him.

Now, they’re different people.

Our favs have found a home with each other, a found family if we’re being specific here. And yes, everything might be a little fucked up and one threw an arrow at someone else’s head. But when it comes down to it, they have each other’s back when things really hit the fan. Prime example: Fuck Face. They’re here to take this wild and dangerous man down. No ifs, ands, or butts about it because that’s what family does. They come through when you most need them.

What comes after Fuck Face is killed is what kind of worries me. Who will they be when the dust settles? Will they hold onto their found family and not the twisted garbage that is storylines like Maria and Saya being jealous of each other because of Marcus? Will they come back to Kings Dominion alive and together? Here’s hoping that’s true! Because these characters, they’re so worth it and are just at the cusp of becoming something great!

The Bad – A Dude Coming in Between Maria and Saya


I knew that this was coming. Doesn’t mean I have to like it at all. Cuz from this place, this viewpoint, it looks like a man is the cause of a break between two BAMF women. And I don’t like it all. It’s tired, used, and I was hoping that Maria and Saya were stronger than this. But from what we’re seeing, they’re not.

It reminds me of season one of Riverdale. The friendship between Betty and Veronica was key in the beginning. And I clearly remember being so excited at San Diego Comic Con for #Beronica. But as time went on they started to be pulled apart by relationships, Archie, and a bunch of other random nonsense.

Romance is part of every story. And I knew it would be part of Riverdale and Deadly Class. I just didn’t expect that romances would separate strong women and leave them jealous of each other because of that man’s attention. It’s basic AF and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced RL friendship that is like this.


Because it’s not friendship at all. And if shows keep bringing out this cheap story-line while telling me about the strength of the female relationships instead of showing me that they are, I’m going to start thinking that they’re lying. About everything. So, stop playing with our emotions and hearts, Syfy and any other content creator out there.

We want strong AF female friendships who are each other’s friend, no matter what, and don’t let a man get in between them, no matter how cute, charming, or attractive they are. We’re better than that.

The Ugly – The Death of Master Lin’s Wife


Like El Alma del Diablo said, revenge isn’t about bringing someone back. It’s about reminding the one in question of your power and making them feel just a fraction of what you are feeling. And killing Master Lin’s wife in front of their daughter fits right right in with that notion.

It’s all about pain as well. Master Gao lost everything. She lost her family, her home, and then her son. That’s why it probably felt like a punch in the gut that her brother had everything and lost nothing. Going to El Alma del Diablo and giving him information about her brothers family, cuz you know she did it, is a statement to herself and to the world that change is coming.

Madame Gao isn’t going to sit back and wait for things to happen for or to her. She’s going to go out and make the change she wants to see, even if that change means ratting out innocent people to El Alma del Diablo, turning on her brother, or causing a mess at Kings Dominion. That’s her next stop!

With his wife dead, Master Lin is going to go back to the only place he feels safe in: Kings Dominion. And for Master Gao, this school is a strong hold with talented young women and men that she can turn to her side and use as bodies in her drive for power, exactly in the same manner as she used the barely clothed people back in her office.

Top that all off with the wildcards that are Saya, Marcus, Maria, Billy, Petra, and the rest of our favs and you’ve got a recipe for A) disaster and B) AN EPIC SEASON ONE FINALE!

Deadly Class season finale airs Wednesday at 10/9c on Syfy.

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