‘Deadly Class’ Season 1 Finale Review: “Sink with California” Was a Shit Show

The Deadly Class season one finale left us SCREAMING, HOLLERING, AND WONDERING WHAT THE HELL IS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT! Because we have to get a second season. We have to get more of Marcus, Maria, Saya, Billy, Petra, Willie, and the rest of the gang. And most importantly, we have to know how they get out of this and if Maria & Saya will ever find their way back to each other!

The Good – Those Fight Scenes Were E P I C


It takes a lot to make fighting scenes memorable. You have to have the right cast, the right writers, the right stunt coordinators, and the staff to piece this show together. And I think Deadly Class has hit that magical combination of essentials for epic and memorable fights. From Master Lin’s escape with his child to our faves hitting Fuckface’s temporary home. ALL OF IT WAS WOAH!

Even Saya and Maria, who I will have words about in the next section because we need to talk about that, had an amazing fight. It was one fueled by anger, impatience, and bucket loads of emotions that they didn’t know where to direct. And it was painful AF. Unlike the other fights, this felt like family fighting and gave me the same feelings inside as Civil War did.

Billy saving Lex, and having words with Petra before the explosive entrance, felt like family fighting FOR each other and not against. They’re a bunch of loners who don’t trust easily but love fiercy. And this right here, these are the people worth fighting for. That’s what makes that hug that Lex gave Billy and Petra, so damn beautiful. But it’s also the reason why Lex getting shot before the screen went black, hurt so much.

And the wild goose chase that Master Lin had to fight tooth and nail to survive, had me on the edge of my seat. Literally. It happened. I wanted Master Lin and his daughter to survive SO BAD that I really didn’t care who he had to kill to protect his child, especially after the sacrifice by the mother to protect both of them. Yes, Madame Gao caught them at the end, but that doesn’t erase the amazing battles fought along the way or how much they fought to survive for themselves and the ones who love them.

The Bad – Saya and Maria Fighting


I’m tired, ok? Tired of seeing women falling apart and away from each other because of a man. At the beginning, I loved Maria and Saya. They felt strong, unshakable, and like the kind of women I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. But now, I’m heartbroken and in shambles, just like Maria and Saya’s relationship.

And this isn’t even about the epic fight they had. Throw downs are a dime a dozen on Deadly Class. What really bothered me is the words used, the language. It was mean to hurt both of them. Maria wanted to drive a nail in Saya’s heart and pointed out the vulnerabilities that no one else dared point out. And Saya…well, she said the cruelest thing, that Maria must be crazy.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s not friendship. Mental health is no joke and I deal with it every damn day. The people that love me and help keep me up also deal with it. But I would never in my sweet life would I say something so cruel to my loved one and I would never expect that from them in return. It made me wonder if Saya even knew Maria, if either of them did.

What we’re left with is a SHIT SHOW of a season finale with all the epic fighting that make us cry and appreciate the training that went into this show. Anddddddd….we’re let with two broken women who have lost themselves, each other, and whatever the hell (friendship or relationship) that they could’ve had with Marcus.

Here’s hoping this is Deadly Class’ evil plan to hook me and show me young women figuring themselves out over the span of another season. We saw tiny bits of it in Saya walking away and Maria confessing that maybe she moved from Chico to Marcus, never truly being free herself. But like The Little Mermaid, “I want morrrre!”

Cuz we’re not perfect, not by a long shot. And oh we will fuck up big time, left and right, sometime or another. But we all deserve time to process, reassess, and come back together to fix things. That’s what I hope happens to Maria and Saya, that they find their way back to each other.

The Ugly – That Cliffhanger


Dear Lord, that was a HELL OF A CLIFFHANGER. And if you’ve read the comic and are ready to tell me, “Well, everyone knew it was going to happen” or “It was in the comics!” then this isn’t the place for you. We’re operating under the notion that people haven’t read the comics and are living that spoiler free life. So, the cliffhanger. Holy shit on a stick!

In many ways, the season one finale of Deadly Class was annoying. (I know, I know. Don’t throw tomatoes and let me explain.) It was annoying because I wanted more. The way they ended it was pull your hair out, oh my god this is crazy worthy. And I love and hate it at the same time. It makes me want more. More seasons. More Saya, Maria, and Marcus. More of my entire Deadly Class fam.

I even want more Master Lin and Madame Gao, the latter who still scares the hell out of me. There’s such a rich history there that is weighed down by their separation when they were young and I need some animated flashbacks that help enrich the Deadly Class world. Because it is soooooo rich. It spans decades, organizations, and countries. And I want to know them all!

Deadly Class the TV series is also a chance for Rick Remender to take our favs on adventures that the comics didn’t allow him to because of the restrictions inherent in the media. Basically he’s got a chance to make fanfiction of his own work and it must be such a brilliant time for Remender. His success on Deadly Class is also a reminder that Rick is a creator just like you and me. If he can do, then so can you! So can I! And that’s a humbling reminder.

Until next time, Deadly Class fam. And remember, if you love Deadly Class as much as we do, tweet about it and send the cast & creators all the love! And make sure to look out for our season review of Deadly Class here at Fangirlish!

Favorite Scene from Deadly Class’ “Sink with California”:

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