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Do you ever just get really mad about wasted potential? Not to say that the other shows I’ve covered for Gone Too Soon didn’t waste potential because they certainly did, especially the ones that only lasted one season, like Whiskey Cavalier and Eye Candy, but I think Deadly Class hurts the most. 

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Deadly Class ran for one season on SyFy.

Deadly Class had so much potential. It was already great, and could have reached cult status. A show based off of comic books should have had a similar following to The Umbrella Academy, but somehow it only got one season. I won’t pretend that SyFy isn’t bad about canceling shows before their time, and you’ll see a few more make it onto Gone Too Soon, but how in the world did this show not get another season? 

The Gist

Set in the 80’s, Deadly Class follows Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth), a homeless teenager that is recruited to attend King’s Dominion, a school for the deadly arts. Once there he must navigate actual gang politics to survive high school, all while learning the deadly arts himself. No high school show is complete without cliques of its own, so while Marcus may be a rat, a person that doesn’t belong to a gang, that doesn’t stop him from making friends of his own. 

First we have Maria (Lana Condor, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) the leader of the Kuroki Syndicate and Saya (María Gabriela de Faría) a member of Sato Vatos. Other members include Willie (Luke Tennie), leader of the First World Order and Billy (Liam James, Psych) the son of a corrupt cop and another rat. Rounding out the cast is Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange) as Master Lin, the headmaster at the school. 

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Deadly Class ran for one season on SyFy.

Should You Watch It

If you liked Daybreak, then you will like this show a lot of the parts are similar. Both shows focus on high-schoolers who are put in extraordinary circumstances and have to fight to survive. 

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Deadly Class ran for one season on SyFy.

Stand Out Moment

Personally, my favorite part was when Marcus was tripping. The different styles of animation were all so cool. The visuals for that part of the show were stunning. Check it out for yourself. 

Deadly Class ran for one season on SyFy.

Sunken Ships

Shipping was almost besides the point on this show. Sure there was Marcus and Saya or Marcus and Maria, but shipping is totally besides the point, the kids have enough going on in their lives to worry about romantic relationships.

These ships do provide a lot of the show’s drama though. Saya and Maria were friends long before Marcus came along, and now he has thrown a wrench in their relationship. Not only that, but all three major players technically belong to different gangs, even if they are all friends. King’s Dominion isn’t the best place to be involved in romantic relationships.

There is also the relationship between Billy and Petra, but it’s relegated to the background for most of the show, and honestly shipping was the farthest thing from my mind.  

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Deadly Class ran for one season on SyFy.

Caution: Cliffhanger

Admitly this cliffhanger doesn’t make me near as angry as the Stitchers one does, but man is it close. Seriously every relationship comes to a head during this episode; it is a great finale, just in no way should it have been a series finale. 

*Spoilers Ahead*

In this episode we see the end of Fuckface, Maria and Saya actual fight each other, spurred on by their relationships with Marcus, but fighting because of the toll it has taken on their relationship with each other, and after it all Lex is shot by Diablo, seriously we should have gotten another season!

*Spoilers Over*

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Deadly Class ran for one season on SyFy.

Where to Watch

There aren’t many options of where to watch Deadly Class and none of them are free. You can pay to stream on YouTube and Amazon Prime

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Deadly Class ran for one season on SyFy.

Did you watch Deadly Class? Do you too wish that it shouldn’t have been canceled? For more shows Gone Too Soon check out Hap and Leonard, Ravenswood, and iZombie.

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