Gone Too Soon: ‘Stitchers’, Sci-fi Procedural

Sometimes a show can last for multiple seasons and still be canceled too soon. Such is the case for Stitchers, this week’s show Gone Too Soon. Stitchers premiered in 2015 on ABC Family and lasted for three seasons, before being canceled on one of the worst Cliffhangers I have ever experienced.

Stitchers, as I mentioned before, was a sci-fi procedural that premiered in 2015 on ABC Family. This is important Around the time the show was cancelled ABC Family was in the process of becoming Freeform, which might have had something to do with its fate. I’ll admit that Stitchers didn’t really go with the other shows that were premiering on Freeform, but hey Siren is still going, so who knows?

The Gist

Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta) is recruited into a shadowy government agency where they “stitch” her into the memories of people that have died recently, to investigate their murders and the mysteries they were involved in. Kirsten is a Caltech student that has temporal dysplasia, a condition that means she doesn’t sense the passing of time. Her condition makes her a prime candidate for stitching, but it also hinders her emotional connection to others. 

Dr. Cameron Goodkin (Kyle Harris) is a neuroscientist that assists in the program. Maggie Baptiste (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), is the head of the program. Linus Ahluwalia (Ritesh Rajan) is a bioelectrical engineer and communications technician. Rounding out the cast we have Camille (Allison Scagliotti, a Warehouse 13 fav), Kirsten’s roommate and Quincy FIsher (Damon Dayoub) a LAPD detective. 

Should you watch it?

Do you enjoy procedurals with a little shipping and an overarching mystery? If you do then Stitchers is the show for you. There is a case of the week, which occasionally ties into the bigger mystery of the season, think Veronica Mars seasons one and two (and if you’re a LoVe shipper then you will like Camsten.)

The Stitchers gang is also a found family, with backstories and relationships and family drama. The characters are well rounded and each is given time for you to find out why they are the way they are. 

I think, despite the cliffhanger, Stitchers is worth the watch. It’s fun and engaging in a way that I wish more shows were. Not everything has to be prestige TV. Stitchers, while sharing elements of other shows, is something wholly unique. 

Stand Out Moment

I have so many, but I’m gonna choose a Camsten moment. This has a direct tie in to the cliffhanger, so if you don’t want to know don’t read between the gifs. 

OMG! When Kirsten doesn’t remember Cameron, and asks him how his heart is (he had heart surgery as a child and she only remembers him as the kid from the hospital). Cameron responds with “it hurts a little,” because he believes that she forgot about him, her boyfriend. When I tell you I died. 

Sunken Ships

Oh Camsten, you were taken too soon. You would think that since they kiss in the very first episode of the show that they would get together fairly quickly, but it takes three seasons before they ever start truly dating. They even date other people, even though Cameron is clearly in love with Kirsten. Her temporal dysplasia makes their relationship difficult. She doesn’t always do the best job of expressing how she feels. or even admitting that she has feelings. 

Stitchers only lasted three seasons and Camsten is honestly one of my top OTP’s, just imagine if their potential hadn’t been wasted. 

Another great ship is Camille and Amanda (Anna Akana), the medical examiner added in season 2. They don’t get as much build up as Camsten, but they are still great, and I wish we could have seen more of them.

Caution: Cliffhanger

Okay, so if cliffhangers hurt you, then you should avoid this one, because yeah, you should avoid this one at all costs. Seriously, I still think about this stupid cliffhanger, and it’s been three years. Three! It is one of the worst cliffhangers that I have ever experienced. It still bothers me. I’m gonna spoil it after the gif so if you don’t want to know scroll until the next gif. 

What was that cliffhanger!? Seriously? They end it with Kirsten having to pretend that she doesn’t remember Cameron because a shadowy figure is telling her to! Who was the shadowy figure? Does Cameron ever recover from the absolute heartbreak from Kirsten only remembering him as a little boy in the hospital? Does Camsten get back together? I will never understand why Freeform didn’t at least give it one more season. I NEED ANSWERS!

Where to Watch

It’s available to watch on Freeform and Hulu, if you have live TV. What are you waiting for?

Do you miss Stitchers too? Do you wish you could see how the next season would have gone? Let me know!

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