7 Things We Can’t Stop Talking About in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’s “Champagne Supernova”

From that Noah reveal to every single woman on Roswell, New Mexico stealing my heart with their beauty, grace, smarts, and total badassery, this week’s episode left us reeling. With two episodes left to go in Roswell, New Mexico’s first season, here are 7 things we can’t stop talking about in this week’s episode titled “Champagne Supernova”!

1. Liz single handedly rescuing the boys while looking STUNNING AF.


#RoswellNM fam, we are gathered here today to talk about the blessing that is Liz Ortecho rescuing Max and Michael while in that fabulous white dress. Praise whatever celestial being is up there besides other aliens, that we were gifted with such a “get shit done” kind of woman. Can’t find Max or Michael, everyone? No worries. Liz got this. And she’ll still look fabulous afterwards and not HAVE ONE SINGLE STAIN on that white dress! Trying to figure out if Noah is the 4th alien? No worries. Liz got this. Girl ran home, tested his blood, and then ran back to administer that power draining “cure” HER DAMN SELF. She’s just a BAMF on so many levels and we have a mighty need to see more of Jeanine Mason and her Liz Ortecho in the form of a season two!

2. That Noah reveal and the punch that followed it.


We didn’t want it to be Noah. And in NO moment since this show started did we suspect that it was him. But here we are, betrayed and left bereft like that time Hans betrayed Anna in Frozen. Feelings were hurt then and they were hurt now as well. Following on that Frozen line of thought, Anna knocked the lights out of Hans when she had the chance and so did Liz! Noah has explaining to do; bucket loads of it that need to clear up why he’s been killing all these people and why he used Isobel to love and care for Rosa. He couldn’t do it himself by being himself? Also, what does this do to Isobel’s bisexuality if Noah forced her body to go after Rosa?

3. Michael swearing to protect Maria.


Michael feels something he doesn’t totally understand when it comes to Maria DeLuca. He’s on the tail end of an intense relationship with Alex and he knows that Maria has hesitations because Alex is important to her. And he’s not pushing her. He’s assuring her that she did nothing wrong, that there is a flutter of something between them, and that he won’t cross the line with her unless she’s down. It’s respect and consent and I love it. That’s why this moment to protect Maria hit me in the feels. There’s something growing between Michael and Maria and he wants to preserve, protect, and do whatever is growing between them in the right way.

4. Max and Michael laying their feelings out about each other and being family.


Even surrounded by people, Michael has felt alone. It’s the reason why he’s trying to get that spaceship working. And sure, he has Max and Isobel but he’s always felt like an outsider in the dynamic they have. That’s especially true because they were adopted and Michael bounced from bad situation to even worse situation before even hitting 18. This conversation between Max and Michael feels like the real first step in them becoming a family. Both got perspective, both were honest as fuck, and both are going to be better off because of these words. You just wait!

5. This badass confrontation between possessed Isobel and Cameron.


Honestly, I can’t stop looking at this gif. It’s a perfect loop of Isobel looking like a crazy badass and then Cameron coming onto the scene looking like a secret agent out of my queer dreams coming to save Max. I’m here for it. I love it. And I want more of Lily Cowles and Riley Voelkel. But seriously, thank you everyone at Roswell, New Mexico for framing this scene in a way that totally encapsulates the badassery of both actors and their characters. I’M STILL SHOOK!

6. THAT BISEXUAL CONFESSION w/ a side of Malex.


Personally, I needed these words. Most of the time bisexual characters are relegated to the queer category of our choosing only if we’re with the same gender. Basically, you can say you’re bi til the cows come home but people won’t accept you as part of the LGBTQ community unless you’re a dude with a dude or a lady with a lady. That’s it. Sorry bisexuals WHO ARE BISEXUAL AKA THEY LIKE MEN AND WOMEN! And it’s bullshit! So, Michael saying these bisexual words to Max, is what EVERYBODY AND THEIR MAMA NEEDED TO HEAR!

Michael can date a man and still be queer. Michael can date a woman and still be queer. Michael can date a man AND a woman and…oh my god…HE’S STILL QUEER AND HE’S STILL BISEXUAL. So, see yourself out if you can’t get that Michael is bi whether he’s with Maria or Alex. Also, on the latter of these two, fuck yeah Michael for laying it all out and letting Max know that Alex made your heart sore and like you belonged. That matters so much and the fact that you heard yourself say these words, may they give you the perspective you need.

7. Maria admitting that she never wants Michael to leave and that’s the problem.


Let’s be clear on one thing. Maria DeLuca has done absolutely no wrong on Roswell, New Mexico. We’re laying down this UNSHAKABLE fact because some feel like she’s interfering with Malex. One, she never knew that Michael was Alex’s dreamboat. Two, she told Alex that it basically was NEVER gonna happen because Alex is her friend. And three, SHE IGNORED MICHAEL! She went to the cafe and walked right by him. He initiated conversation and then told her the truth: Maria DeLuca did no wrong by sleeping with Michael.

Keeping all that in mind, and the moments where Michael defended Maria and then promised to protect her in “Champagne Supernova,” Maria is just a person. She feels happiness, hurt, pain, and loneliness like everyone else. And while everyone is out trying to figure out how they feel about aliens, who killed Rosa, and who the 4th alien is…Maria has just been there. Waiting. Alone. And that fucking sucks. Even her friends leave her in the dark and have been TOO BUSY dealing with their own shit to look around and see if others are ok. And no, one episode where they remember Maria matters doesn’t count.

So when Michael Guerin stays, listens, makes her laugh, and like she’s not invisible in this town…she feels it. Hell, all of us deserve to feel seen. Michael makes her feel seen and that tear that slipped down her cheek when she admitted she didn’t want Michael to leave…well, that was evidence of her feelings and the conflict she feels inside because her loyalty is to Alex. This doesn’t mean that Maria is in the wrong. It just means she’s like you and me; confused, stumbling about, and hoping to find happiness in the ups and downs of life. And Michael, he’s that spark, that hope, that maybe she doesn’t have to do this alone.


Here we have Roswell, New Mexico continuing to prove that I am queer AF. Just look at Liz, Maria, Isobel, and Cameron! BABE ALERT! Dear sweet baby Jesus! Where can I sign up to worship these women?


Roswell, New Mexico airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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