Sam Claflin Boards The ‘Enola Holmes’ Adaptation

I was never one for mysteries. Anything Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes never made me want to pay attention. I was never one that cared about solving mysteries, unless it was how so and so developed abs that I couldn’t stop wondering how they got.

But apparently I have just never really understood what a good thing is and the people behind Enola Holmes are like we’ll get you to watch.

First they cast Millie Bobbie Brown.

Then they cast Henry Cavill.

And now they’ve cast Sam Claflin.

Well fucking played.

The cast also includes Helena Bonham Carter, Fiona Shaw and Adeel Akhtar.

Based off the six book series, which started in 2006 with the book “The Case of the Missing Marquess”, centers around Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’ much younger sister Enola, who is a great detective in her own right.

Are you excited for the Enola Holmes adaptation?

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