Riverdale SDCC Interviews: KJ Apa Talks Archie’s Grief

KJ Apa is, in many ways, Archie Andrews.

And he’s in the position of feeling what Archie is feeling in regards to the loss of his father, Fred.

This wasn’t a subject we tried to broach – in fact, we figured talking about Luke Perry’s passing and how the cast was dealing with it was disrespectful to their grief. And though Apa didn’t go into that, he did go a little bit into Archie’s grief, and how that will play a role in the season of Riverdale to come.

Grief, after all, isn’t a straight line, no. It’s jagged, and sometimes it curves, and it’s hard to know where you stand or where you’re supposed to feel. And Archie will have to go through that and try to continue on with his life, and his life on Riverdale, which, as you know, is anything but normal.

How will he cope? Well, he’ll lean on his mom, for once, Apa shared with us, and of course, he has his friends, and with season 4 of Riverdale set to focus more on the main four, and their relationships with each other, we really hope we get to see the people that love Archie best being there for him.

Check out our interview with KJ Apa below and then share with us how you think this storyline should be dealt with in season 4 of Riverdale.


Riverdale will return to the CW for season 4 in the Fall.

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