Alexis Denisof Joins The Cast of ‘Legacies’

I feel like when it comes to The CW you’re always going to see the same actors over and over again. My ass is not complaining. I like things to remain the same.

Now granted, I don’t remember Alexis Denisof in anything beyond the Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Angel) spinoff – but I am sure he’s a cool dude. He’s British, and a British accent kills me every single time. Doesn’t matter.

But that’s me.

The actor is coming to another show that I love, and I am excited! He’s joining the cast of Legacies. He will be playing an “urbane British sorcerer” by the name of Professor Vardemus. Sure, we’re getting those Hogwarts vibes, but we’re trying to look past that.

The character is described as “a bit of a dandy, [Vardemus] wins over the Salvatore students with his steadfast belief in the superiority of their supernatural world.” Lord, another man with an ego complex. We all know what that means.

And in researching who he is – I realize I fail as a fangirl – cause dude is in a lot of shows I watch/watched – Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, MTV’s Finding Carter, NBC’s Grimm, CBS’ How I Met Your Mother and Fox’s Dollhouse. Forgive me that an impression was not made for me in those roles. I will do better.

Are you excited for the second season of Legacies?

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