The New Sheriff Has Been Cast on ‘Legacies’

More reasons to love Legacies.

We are sad that Mystic Falls needs a new sheriff, but we understand all of the changes that need to be made because you know – Hope doesn’t exist anymore, but that doesn’t mean I am ready for all the change that is to come.

Bianca Kajlich will recur in Season 2 of The CW’s Legacies as Sheriff Mac. The sheriff’s name is a nod to someone that we all love, a nod to Marguerite MacIntyre, who portrayed the mother that we all wanted, Sheriff Forbes on The Vampire Diaries. I loved her.

But I digress. Sheriff Mac is described as, “the human line of defense in a town regularly besieged by monsters. Despite a troubled past, she’s willing to open herself up to a new romance when the opportunity arises.”

And new hottie alert. Along with the casting of Kajlich,  Leo Howard (Why Women Kill) is set to recur as Sheriff Mac’s son Ethan. He will be a new student at Mystic Falls High School. He’s a competitive athlete and a a good hearted kid.

As you may recall, we talked before about Bianca Santos joining the cast. She is Ethan’s sister Maya. Ethan and Maya are both going to exhibit feelings for Hope.

Legacies returns to The CW with new episodes on Thursday, Oct. 10. Are you excited?


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