‘Legacies’ 2×03 Review: “You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know”

Legacies 2×03, “You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know” marks the return of one of the best and newest traditions of the TVD Universe. The Salvatore School plays Mystic Falls High once again, but the students do anything but hold back this time around. Things heat up on and off the football field as some lines are drawn and others are crossed. 

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The Shunka

The shunka, aka the werewolf-eating monster, serves its purpose as the big bad that pushes Hope and Landon back together. The shunka is also the perfect excuse to bring Rafael back to his human form. 

Headmaster Vardemus seems to think that the shunka is a perfect snack and a perfect plot device. Vardemus is not giving anyone a reason to believe he is one of the good ones. He does everything he can to turn Josie against her father, and he doesn’t see anything wrong with supernatural beings hurting others to prove their superiority. 

With Malivore’s potential reemergence brewing under the surface of the season so far, Vardemus is another villain to add to the list. There is always a chance for a major plot twist where Vardemus’ appetite for monsters and overall unlikeable demeanor are a disguise for a much greater and kinder man, but that is a little hard to believe at this point in the season.

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New Year, New Josie

Josie takes a turn towards the darkness this week, as she breaks Mystic High’s quarterback’s arm in an attempt to win a game her team was already winning. Josie admits that something is off inside of her because some part of her wanted to hurt the super adorable QB1 named Ethan, but Landon thinks there must be a reason for her actions.

Even though there is a darkness bubbling up inside of Josie, which is bound to happen with the history of the Gemini coven, Landon comes around a little too easily to Josie hurting people.

Josie is much less understanding to Landon’s kindness towards Hope, yet Landon is quick to sympathize with Josie hurting Ethan. That is a bit backwards and doesn’t give Landon as much credit as he deserves for simply trying to do a nice thing for Hope.

Moving forward, Josie will surely spark up more of a mentorship with Vardemus as he teaches her defensive magic. This darker side of Josie mixed with whatever is going on with Vardemus can only lead to more questionable behavior. Here’s to hoping Josie doesn’t get too lost in all of the darkness.

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Ghost of Vampires Past

It is revealed in this episode that Sebastian may be a figment of Lizzie’s imagination. Fingers crossed he’s just some super rare vampire that can become invisible at will, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

However, Sebastian already has a bit of a backstory, as he hints that Lizzie reminds him of someone he used to know. To give Lizzie the benefit of the doubt, this may mean that Sebastian is a very real vampire that does not only exist in Lizzie’s mind.

Lizzie’s mind may not be the same after her run-in with a Jinni last season. Sebastian’s invisibility to anyone other than Lizzie may be a sign of her mind deteriorating after that encounter.

Sebastian’s existence or lack thereof make one wonder about the ret of Lizzie’s reality. If Sebastian really is just an attractive manifestation of Lizzie’s desires, then what else in Lizzie’s world is a projection?

If this is all true, Lizzie will need MG now more than ever. MG is the most loyal friend and only has Lizzie’s best interest at heart. Lizzie will need MG’s honesty and guidance as her mind continues to play tricks on her.

It is heartbreaking that Lizzie tells MG, “I am mentally healthy for perhaps the first time in my life, and I’m ready for romance.” Lizzie thinks she has found a guy that is worth putting all of her heart and energy into and he may not even be real. 

Hopefully MG will be there to pick up the pieces if Lizzie needs him to do so. After all, Lizzie does tell him, “You’re just really great, MG. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

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Coach Saltzman

While it is incredibly fun to see Ric in a cap and read shorts, coaching a high school flag football team, it would be even better to see Ric interact with his daughters. Josie and Lizzie attend a boarding school, so they are bound to see less of their father than they would if they attended Mystic Falls High.

However, it comes across that Ric is blissfully unaware of the extreme changes in his daughters’ behaviors. Josie and Lizzie are on the verge of their own identity crises, and Ric doesn’t seem to have a clue. This issue will be more difficult to resolve now that Ric is banned from the Salvatore School.

Maybe Ric has spent time with his daughters off screen, but there have been no signs of that. As the season progresses, hopefully Ric will interact with Josie and Lizzie more on screen. Their scenes were some of the strongest last season, and it would be great to see their relationship develop more.

Photo: Jace Downs/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Other Spelltacular Moments: 

  • All of the Marvel references! There are two Marvel references in this episode, and they are both perfect.
  • Ethan is now Thor thanks to his line, “God also put a thunderbolt in my right arm.”
  • Lizzie says, “Okay, since you guys can’t seem to stop Captain America or not fumble a kickoff, our lead is bleeding like a stuck pig. But fear not. I’m super absorbent.” 
  • Ric looks like he’s cosplaying as Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights, and that is a whole mood.
  • Sheriff Mac, Ethan, and Maya are great. Your argument otherwise is invalid.


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