‘Legacies’ SDCC Interview: Matt Davis on Alaric’s Future at the Salvatore School

When we sat down with Matt Davis, Legacies’ Alaric Saltzman, at San Diego Comic-Con, he played a game called “Maybe, Maybe Not” with us. In this game of his own creation, Matt Davis gave us some hints of what could very well happen, or not in the new season of Legacies. At one point during our interview, Davis even gave us the disclaimer that “And this may or may not happen just in the first two episodes.” 

Alaric’s position at the Salvatore School was one of the biggest cliffhangers of last season. Davis let us know that Ric had been “..voted off the island” at the end of season one, meaning he is no longer the Headmaster of the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted. Instead, according to Matt Davis, “He may or may not become the principal for Mystic Falls High School.” In Alaric’s absence, it seems that a new Headmaster has taken his place. Matt Davis said, “This new Headmaster may see the kids and their powers differently than Alaric does, and this new Headmaster may or may not want to sort of remove all of the restrictions that Alaric was putting in place in order to kind of protect them from themselves.” 

We have only ever known the school with Ric’s rules and regulations, which makes us wonder if it will even be recognizable under this new Headmaster’s control. We are interested to see how the students do or don’t adjust and react to this new version of the Salvatore School.  

When the topic switched to Hope Mikaelson and her expectant return to Mystic Falls, Davis was a bit more tight-lipped about how, when, and where that would happen. However, he did say, “Maybe  a monster got out of Malivore and she’s in the process of tracking it down, despite the fact that no one remembers who she is, and she may or may not run into Alaric who is also tracking down the same monster.” It’s true; Hope Mikaelson could brush elbows with the Salvatore students and Alaric alike in the season premiere without anyone ever knowing that she is the Hope Mikaelson. This raises the question of how long it’ll take for Hope to be remembered, if she can even be remembered in the same way again. 

Matt Davis even touched on a burning question for TVD Universe fans. In discussing the Merge and how Alaric may or may not share more information with his daughters, Davis said, “He may have a secret that could unlock the problem and save both of his daughters, but if he tells them, they might take that key to save themselves and unlock a door to a dimension that may or may not release somebody they may or may not be related to into the world, which might be a bigger danger all around for the town.” While that doesn’t sound too great for the fate of Mystic Falls or the safety of Josie and Lizzie, Davis’s answer may or may not give hope to Kai Parker fans who have been holding out for a guest appearance. 

We discussed so much more in our interview with Matt Davis. We talked about another potential football game now that the rivalry between the schools has been reignited, Ric’s love life and how it may or may not have anything to do with new Sheriff of Mystic Falls, and so much more.

Check out our full interview with Matt Davis at SDCC below!

Legacies returns Thursday, October 10 at 9/8c on The CW.

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