‘Supernatural’ SDCC Interviews: Jensen Ackles Talks The End of an Era

We got a chance to speak with Jensen Ackles about where his character arc as Dean Winchester goes in season 15 and the end of an era for Supernatural and The CW at this year San Diego Comic Con. And even though it seems like maybe he’s got everything together when it comes to the end of Supernatural, he doesn’t.

The ending, according to Ackles, was, “Really, really real. We were having a discussion with everybody that crafts this show and it…I had trouble with it.”

After 15 seasons, who wouldn’t have some trouble. No matter how much you love a show, the crew around you, and the family you’ve made, the character that you play is super personal and you have a vision of what your characters ending will be like.

“For some reason it didn’t go down for me. About a week later I was like, “Damn. Why am I having so much trouble digesting this?” And I called an old friend.” Thanks to Bob Singer we knew this friend was Eric Kripke aka an OG of Supernatural who had left the show years ago but helped craft how Supernatural became what it is today.

“I told him what the plan was and I needed some clarity. And he gave it to me. And then I called Bob and talked to him a little more about it. He gave me some more clarity. Now I’m actually pumped up about it and I think it’s going to be great. I think it’s going to be very emotional.”

To learn more about the last day of Supernatural, hanging up the keys to Baby, and Jensen Ackles feels about the end of an era, watch our SDCC interview below!


Supernatural returns to The CW this Fall.

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