#FemaleFilmmakerFriday: 5 Reasons You Should Know C Fitz

C Fitz is probably one of those filmmakers you could recognize if we were in the kind of world who gives filmmakers the credit they deserve. She’s, at the very least, the kind of woman in Hollywood you would know as being a pioneer of just about everything, again, if we were in the kind of world that pays attention to the people behind the cameras.

Because, on top of filmmaking, Fitz has also worked in advertising and marketing, is an activist and a speaker,  has had a hand in creating a show you all love, and has a lot of experience doing the kind of job we often think women don’t do in Hollywood.

All of this is why today, in the hopes of helping you learn more about C Fitz, we’re making her one of our Friday filmmaker profiles.

1.You can thank her for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

In 2003 Fitz, alongside David Metzler, created the pilot to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the show that has now been rebooted on Netflix as just Queer Eye, and which most of you have probably watched and shed some tears over.

Back in the day, Fitz was the pilot producer handling financials, product placement, logistics for casting, production, post, and co-wrote the new format for the show, which aired for the first time in July 2003, and would go on to become pop culture reference.

2. Fitz has produced several social media branding campaigns that have won Webby’s for creative content

Fitz’s work with the Denizen Group, as Creative Producer, won the team four Webby Awards on digital branding pieces in 2014, 2015 as well as two in 2018.

  • Webby Winner 2018 Disney’s Star Wars “The Last Jedi” (+2 million views Facebook)
  • Webby Winner 2018 Winner Johnny Depp Surprises Disneyland (+16 million views Facebook)
  • Webby Winner 2015 “Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos” (+12 million views Youtube)
  • Webby Winner 2014 Qualcomm “Best Bus Stop” (+6 million views Youtube + worldwide)

3. This year, she directed an episode of Queen Sugar‘s season 4.

Fitz helmed the ninth episode of season four of the Ava Duvernay show, titled “Stare at the Same Fires,” part of a group of female filmmakers that have been at the forefront of the OWN production, and bringing her own unique take to the tale of the Bordelon siblings.

Queen Sugar has been widely praised for being the only show ever to have an all female-directors list.

4. Her documentary, Jewel’s Catch One, is on Netflix

Her documentary, Jewel’s Catch Oneabout the legacy of the famous Catch One Club, and the life of living legend Jewel Thais-Williams, who provided safe spaces for LGBTQ, Black, and AIDS-impacted communities in Los Angeles for four decades, is on Netflix. 

Now, isn’t that something you want to watch and had probably not heard about before?

5. Fitz is a Female Filmmaker!

With six credits to her name:
Queen Sugar (TV)
Jewel’s Catch One (Documentary)
A Tribute to Jewel Thais-Williams (Documentary Short)
Showgirls, Provincetown, MA (Documentary)
No More Roses (Short)
Rancid (Short)

And hopefully, an industry that will allow her to keep growing, keep showing us what happens when we give women and diverse creators a voice.

Know any other female filmmakers you think should be featured for our #FemaleFilmmakerFridays series? Let us know in the comments below!

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