Halsey Releases New Song And Announces Third Album Title And Release Date

The era of H3 is upon us.

A new Halsey album is coming, and I am so ready for it!

On September 3rd, Halsey took to Instagram to make the announcement that her new track Graveyard off her upcoming third album, would be released on 9/13/19.

In the days leading up to the release, Halsey released a picture every day with a countdown post. The thing that made these photos different was that they had a more natural stripped-down vibe that is more Ashley than Halsey. In several interviews Halsey has made it clear that unlike her previous albums Badlands, and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, her third one would not be a concept album and will be all Ashley.

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🌼 4 days till graveyard 📷: @camhicks_

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This is even more evident when you look at her Instagram profile which says “hi, my name is Ashley. It’s nice to meet you.”

Two days before the release of Graveyard, Halsey tweeted out a 10 second snippet with a video clip. In the clip, Halsey is lying on flowers with her face painted exactly like the flowers she is surrounded by. She takes a gasp of breath which seems to indicate she’s coming back to life.

On Thursday/Friday, depending on where you live, Graveyard was released. That’s not all though. I mean, Halsey wouldn’t be Halsey if she didn’t make a big statement when releasing new music.

As I have said many times before, I am a serious Halsey fangirl.

A little bit after 1:00pm PST, I received an email that read “A Presentation by Halsey Streaming Today.” On the email image, it had the title of Halsey’s album; Manic.  I’d like to point out that myself, and other Halsey fans have suspected this would be the album title since she released her music video for Nightmare.

In the email, there was also a video link that showed a warehouse with a blank slate and some art supplies surrounding it.  When I opened the video, Halsey was preparing to paint a portrait.  I immediately assumed it would be her album cover.

Like I said, Halsey goes big with announcements.

The painting began at 1:17pm PST and ended at about 8:00pm. Did I watch the whole thing in its entirety? I sure did. I have the screenshots to prove it. Here’s the kicker, there was absolutely no sound the entire time. It was literally a stream of her painting with no sound. [Side note: Halsey is super comfortable on ladders!! I could never]



When Halsey completed the painting, Graveyard was released via a time-lapse video of her painting the album cover. Let me just say, I have not stopped listening to the song since it released. In fact, I’m listening to it as I type this up. The song is amazing, and the lyrics are powerful. If I am correct in my interpretation, it seems to be a song expressing her feelings about her previous relationship with G-Eazy. I know she did that when Without me released but this song has a completely different tone.  Musically it’s got a softer sound to it even though the lyrics are dealing with some heavy stuff.  One lyric in particular that got me is “you lock the door, you’re drunk at the steering wheel.”

At the same time the song released, Halsey announced that Manic is set to release on January 17th, 2020.  Graveyard is the third track on the album.

Have I already pre-ordered it and purchased merchandise? You bet your ass I did.

You can too at manicthealbum.com

I am excited to get Halsey’s third album because as the artwork indicates, although this is Halsey’s third album, it’s Ashley’s first.

We’ve all met Halsey and now I’m ready to meet Ashley.

Have you listened to Graveyard? What do you think? Are you excited for Halsey’s third album? Tell us in the comments.

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