‘Titans’ Renewed for Season 3

DC Universe has finally announced that their flagship series will return next fall “bluer” than ever!

This renewal for Titans comes during a pretty uncertain time for the streaming app, now that HBO Max is ready to launch. DC Universe had already confirmed that their other live action superhero series, Doom Patrol, would be returning for a second season on both DC Universe and HBO Max. It is still unclear whether or not Titans third season will get the same kind of hybrid deal.

Considering how tremendously strong this season has been, the renewal itself is not really a surprise.

This season introduced fans to new characters. Superboy and Deathstroke being among the most popular additions to the series respectively. There is not a lot of information about season three yet, other than the tease within the key art DC Universe has just released. Everyone knows who wears the signature colors black and blue.

And since this entire second season has been a build up to Dick Grayson taking on his iconic mantle, it’s not really that far fetched that season 3 could be Nightwing’s first full season.

Titans will return in the fall of 2020. Stay tuned for more details as they become available. And make sure to keep streaming new episodes every Friday on the DC Universe app!

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