‘The Morning Show’ 1×04 Review: “That Woman”


Okay, okay.

First things first. I feel like it’s necessary to tell all everyone reading this, that while I am a professional who tries to look at things subjectively- I am still typing “Newsroom” after every ‘The” in this article.

The Morning Show is just not doing it for me, but I will say, episode 4 entitled “That Woman” did try, and did keep me mildly entertained. The episode starts off with Bradley just going off the rails not appreciating how fake the show is and telling all of middle America that she had an abortion at 15.

And thus, chaos ensues.

That’s pretty much the catalyst to the whole episode.

What I appreciated about this episode was that… things happened. We got to see a bit more layers into Alex, which was my favourite favourite thing. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it now- Jennifer Aniston is a treasure. She is carrying this show with her subtle expressions, and just all-around amazing acting.

We all know she can act. We know it. But it’s amazing to see her play such a layered, complicated character. We can see some worry, and perhaps some jealousy the way she holds her jaw when Cory exclaims that “In one day, Bradley Jackson re-branded morning news as personal, unexpected, exciting!” We see that while she has her agenda- an agenda that really only means she gets to continue doing her job, she’s also still trying to help Bradley.

I believe that from the quick handhold we saw at the end of episode 3. While yeah, she ended with a “don’t fuck it up”- I think it was a small gesture to say: I’m here for you. Let’s do this together.

There are two major issues that are making it hard for me to watch this show and love it.


First one being Bradley. This whole self-righteous spiel of how she just cannot fathom how things aren’t always rainbows and butterflies is weird to me. She’s been in the industry for 15 years she said.

And she doesn’t know that sometimes, you have to plaster on a smile and just roll with it?

Sure yes, getting her to say her mom was great is pushing it… but… for everything else? Really?

And just how exactly is anyone okay with her just going off the rails? It’s happened twice in a week!
There’s a quick scene with Frank losing his shit, but its so quickly disregarded that it doesn’t even seem realistic.

And secondly: what is this show about?

Will there always be a push and pull between Bradley and Alex? Cory has seemed mildly impressed with Alex whenever she speaks to Frank. But what exactly is the premise of the show? It feels like The Morning Show just hasn’t decided what kind of show it wants to be.

In “The Newsroom” at least we saw Mac come in, and say she wanted to produce a good show for 100 people. A show that would help viewers in the voting booth.

But in the morning show, I can see Bradley trying (?) to take that on, but no one else is having any of it.

There’s a very certain episode of The Newsroom that made me know that I was going to stick it out. And it too- was more than halfway through the season.

So I’m going to stick this out too! I truly hope that The Morning Show will be the little engine that could.

What do you think? Are you loving the show? Share with us in the comments below!

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