Miya Cech, May Chan & YaYa Gosselin Talk ’Surfside Girls’

Surfside Girls premieres this Friday! We sat down with Miya Cech, YaYa Gosselin, and May Chan to chat about the show and diversity.

‘Surfside Girls’ Releases New Pics and We Can’t Wait For More!

Surfside Girls is a show where adventures and friendship intertwine in the best way ever! Apple TV + revealed the first promotional photos.

‘For All Mankind’ 3×10 Review: “Stranger in a Strange Land”

There’s good television, and then there’s the completely different playing field where For All Mankind 3×10 lives. Much like previous season finales, “Stranger in a Strange Land” is packed full of hope and devastation, the best of humanity and the worst.

‘For All Mankind’ 3×09 Review: “Coming Home”

As a penultimate episode for the series’ third season, For All Mankind 3×09 “Coming Home” does exactly what you’d expect it to do.

Bonnie Hunt, Sara Drew & Carsyn Rose Talk ’Amber Brown’

Amber Brown is one of the amazing shows ever! We sit down with Bonnie Hunt, Sara Drew, and Carsyn Rose to chat about their experience.

‘For All Mankind’ 3×08 Review: “The Sands of Ares”

There’s a brilliance to For All Mankind 3×08 “The Sands of Ares.” It’s all about quiet, human moments during a crisis.

‘For All Mankind’ 3×07 Review: “Bring It Down”

For All Mankind 3×07 “Bring It Down” is, for many characters, a moment of reckoning. Even if predictable, the outcomes cut deep.

Apple TV+ Releases Trailer for ‘Surfside Girls’

Apple TV+’s Surfside Girls look like it’s going to be light, fun and focused on friendship, which is all we need to be interested.

’Best Foot Forward’ Cast and Crew Talk Apple TV+ New Family Show

Best Foot Forward is a story of struggle. We sit down with executive producers and the star to talk about the importance to tell this story.

‘For All Mankind’ 3×06 Review: “New Eden”

For All Mankind 3×06 “New Eden” is a strong, if absolutely infuriating and heartbreaking, hour of television.

Apple TV+ Shares ’Amber Brown’ Trailer and We Love It!

Amber Brown is coming to Apple TV+ and the streaming service revealed the trailer for this endearing show that will delight the whole family.

‘For All Mankind’ 3×05 Review: “Seven Minutes of Terror”

For All Mankind 3×05 “Seven Minutes of Terror” could easily have been, on just about any other series, an excellent season finale. But our story is just beginning.

‘For All Mankind’ 3×04 Review: “Happy Valley”

For All Mankind 3×04 “Happy Valley” is nothing if not yet another warning from this series: Space is unpredictable.

‘For All Mankind’ 3×03 Review: “All In”

For All Mankind 3×03 “All In” is all about the final choices our characters make in what is now a three-way race to Mars.

‘For All Mankind’ 3×02 Review: “Game Changer”

For All Mankind 3×02 “Game Changer” is a vivid and damning depiction of the difference between entitled privilege and exhausted humility.

See Two New Stills And The Poster For ‘The Essex Serpent’

When it has Tom Hiddleston in it, we watch. No questions asked. Okay wait, there will be questions, but you know…

Idris Elba to Lead Apple TV+ Thriller Series from ‘Lupin’ Writer

Idris Elba is taking on a new role in Apple TV+’s new series Hijack from the writer of Netflix’s Lupin. Read more here.

Amanda Seyfried Joins The Cast Of ‘The Crowded Room’

Amanda Seyfried has joined the cast of #TheCrowdedRoom and we’re definitely looking forward to this show. Read more about it here!

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: ‘The Sky is Everywhere’

The Sky is Everywhere is available today, and we’re bringing you an exclusive clip from the movie to celebrate its release.

INTERVIEW: Elizabeth Henstridge, Kunal Nayyar & Tom Rhys Harries Talk ‘Suspicion’

Elizabeth Henstridge, Kunal Nayyar, and Tom Rhys Harries sat down with Fangirlish to talk about Apple TV’s newest series Suspicion.

The Trailer for ‘The Sky Is Everywhere’ is Here!

The trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of The Sky is Everywhere is here, and we’re ready to be swept away by the magic.