Fond Farewell: 'Schitt's Creek' Finale Roundtable

‘Schitt’s Creek’ 6×01 Review: ‘Smoke Signals’

I had heard ahead of time that the season premiere of Schitt’s Creek would be about a near-death experience, but I didn’t realize it would be the fans that were the ones almost dying, from our feels in “Smoke Signals.”

Revisiting our beloved town after so much time away felt like coming home, including fun family dynamics. We even got to see the titular creek, which is a rare treat. And while I may be avoiding pork chops for a while, I have nothing but love for this episode.

Wedding Planners


David and Patrick are a beautiful OTP. Seriously, I cannot get over the way they look at each other. Patrick seriously looks at David like he is his entire world. He honestly can’t take his eyes off of him the entire episode, and he’s just so damn fond of his fiance. Patrick loves it when David is excited and reigns him in when he gets too excessive or needs to apologize to his sister. I love how well they complement each other as a couple. They are positively swoon-worthy.


And can we talk about just how happy and joyful David is as an excited fiance? He deserves every moment of it. It’s hard to believe our little snarky David from Season 1 is happily planning his wedding to the love of his life – and thinking about having it at the hotel! Daniel Levy has always made David such a loveable character, and this season already proves to be no exception. I predict we will all feel like it’s our wedding by the time it happens.

I look forward to all the wedding-planning antics to come, especially when the whole town will try to interfere. Because you know they will.

Travel Troubles


The more Alexis talked about her upcoming trip (trying to convince herself it was a good thing), the more her family pulled away. I wondered if this was their natural response to some of her attention-seeking behavior from the past, or if they were sad that she was leaving so they were trying to not think about it.

Either way, it made for a fun point of contention for the Rose siblings, and let’s be honest – we were all Stevie watching Alexis trying to confess the truth about her flight to David.

Real question – if Alexis got the dates mixed up on an airplane ticket in the past – do you think she would do it again? Or is this maybe just an intentional excuse to stay home. Does she really want to go to Galapagos at all?


Still, I’m a little bummed we don’t get to see her experience economy class for the first time. Can you imagine her crammed uncomfortably between two strangers on an international flight? And not getting her traditional slippers?

The Next Step


The title of the episode was “Smoke Signals,” and it was true that a couple of characters were looking for signs as to what they should do next with their lives.

I knew that Moira’s decision to give up a life of acting after her near-death experience would be short-lived, because she was born for a life on the stage (yes, I said that last part in her accent). Still, it was fun to see her and Johnny let loose and plan to skinny dip.

And we also get the bonus of The Crows Have Eyes III saved from extinction and it continues to be the joke that keeps on giving. Will this renewed vigor bring Moira to pursue more acting jobs? Or will Johnny get his way and have Moira back off from that life?

One thing is for certain, Catherine O’Hara is a gift to us all and deserves to be cherished forever for her portrayal of Moira. There has never been anything like it on television, and there never will be again. I have spoken.

Stevie was also looking for a sign as to what to do next with her life. Now that her musical theater debut is over – even though she’s still wearing the makeup – what will she do next? Her conversation with Alexis revealed that she longs for adventure. Could we see her stepping more out of Schitt’s Creek this season? Could the show end with Stevie making her way into the wide world?


Overall, this was a wonderful season premiere, and it felt like getting a warm hug from the people we love. I can’t wait to see the rest of the townspeople in future episodes.

In the meantime, we will just enjoy the new gifs we are blessed with this week of David and Patrick gazing at each other lovingly. *swoon alert*

Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Pop.

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