‘Nancy Drew’ 1×12 Review: “The Lady of Larkspur Lane”

Welcome back Nancy Drew fans! This weeks episode finally gave me the insight I wanted on Dead Lucy’s mom and we learned the town of Horseshoe Bay is basically being ran by ghosts, they are freaking everywhere man! I told you guys from the jump that the “Hellmouth” and Horseshoe Bay were first cousins and once again, I was proven right. Lets start unpacking this episode, a lot happened and we have a lot to cover on Nancy Drew‘s “The Lady of Larkspur Lane.”

Ace Of Spades

I’m so happy Ace is back and his cast is off. Ace is an underestimated character, but this week he became a critical one, and broke Nancy’s dad out of prison without anyone’s help. Ace literally posed as a prison guard, a jail clerk and a getaway driver all by himself guys! He had no help! WTF. Where has Ace been hiding his skills for 11 episodes? The freaking Claw? Take that Quantico! #Aceofspades

I will be the first to admit, that I forgot Ace was a tech wiz. I forgot he was on probation because he broke into government files. Ace is someone Nancy will want to keep on her team forever, if she utilizes his talents correctly the possibilities are endless for his potential.

Carson has a hit on his back per Ryan Hudson’s dad and he will die within hours if Nancy cannot figure out a way to get him out of jail. Was I relieved Nancy and her dad were on speaking terms again? Yes. BUT I was wayyyyy more pumped that she was tied up in the haunted mansion and Ace had to step up and prove why he’s an important asset to the gang. #levelup

Bess Comes Through in the Clutch

The Bess storyline was weak in terms of moving her plotline forward this week, BUT it did not lack a potential love triangle between Bess, Lizbeth and this new girl named Amaya, who is supposed to be Bess’s mentor.

Amaya was sizzling hot and nice Rizzoli for Bess’s Isles. Do I want Lizbeth to get hurt? No! But this is television people and Amaya won’t last long, if anything she’ll make Bess realize what is truly important to her, people or money and power.

Bess gets Ryan to finally man up and stand up to his dad, it was a bold move and he’ll need to leave town in order to remain alive. Bess, offers Ryan something he cannot refuse, a favor from the Marvin’s for doing this “good deed.” I’m not sure how Bess thinks she can offer this favor since she’s been a Marvin for like two days but what the hell! I appreciate her gall.

The Haunted Mansion

It should be noted that most of the buildings, houses, schools, and graveyards in Horseshoe Bay are haunted. I’m really happy the writers are using the town and other buildings to haunt other than Nancy’s house. I’ve always said the core of this show is its supernatural element.

Of course this town has an insane asylum and of course it used to be a haunted mansion back in the day, where an entire family died suddenly and no ones knows why. Listen up writers, by seasons end I’d like for Nancy to investigate what draws spirits to this town? It’s like catnip for ghosts.

Nancy talks to Lucy’s brother who informs her that his mom has been in the asylum since Lucy died, BUT his mom has dementia now and she was crazy when Lucy was alive, and very mean to her.

So, we all know what happens next, Nancy, Georgia and Nick sneak into the asylum and pose as visitors. I’m continually baffled that no one is hardly ever suspicious of them, and like the town is not that big so how does no one recognize Nancy and her flaming red hair?

The mansion walls gradually morph into black mold and cockroaches roam everywhere. I was not feeling it! Turns out the bugs and mold are a manifestation of the haunting, but no one is sure why the ghosts chose these two particular things. You know what I reminded me of? Those Scarab beetles in “The Mummy.”

Nancy gets trapped in a secret room called “The Whisper Room” which is creepy AF! It seals itself shut and traps Nancy inside its walls, she faints or is overcome by ghosts? I’m not sure because it was kind of trippy, and by my count Nancy is on like her fourth concussion. #nobueno

Meanwhile, Georgia and Nick don’t know where or how to find Nancy and those two have enough unresolved sexual tension to light the building on fire if you ask me. The bright side of that little rainbow is, Nancy is totally okay with them being a couple, she didn’t say those exact words but its was implied.

Next week is going to be awesome, the gang will have to work together to pull Nancy back from this alternate dimension she’s stumbled into. Judging from the roaches the haunted mansion unleashed in Nancy’s house, it’s gonna be a hell of a fight. I’m here for it!

I love haunted house tropes! See you next week guys!

Nancy Drew airs on The CW at 9/8c.

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