January in Books

Hey there, Fangirls! I’ve tasked myself with the seemingly impossible goal of reading all of the books I own (that haven’t been read yet) this year. Since that’s a wild task, and not all the books I read can be reviewed, I figured we’d do a bit of a monthly wrap up so we can chat about was and wasn’t worth it. January was full of books, so lets jump right in!

F**k Plastic by The F Team

This isn’t a story, but 101 ways to reduce your plastic consumption. I have been working to limit mine for the past year, and this book is full of lovely reminders about being better. We could all use that reminder. Grab your copy here, and get ready to be better about reusing!

Fusion for Beginners and Experts by Rebecca Sugar

My mum bought this book for my (now ex-) boyfriend and I when we started having visible issues. It’s an incredibly short book about fusion, and how everyone needs to be in the right head-space for it to work out well. While it only proved that I shouldn’t be with my ex, it’s also just a peaceful little picture book that I think every Steven Universe fan should check out. You can get a copy here!

The Power by Naomi Alderman

I really enjoyed the first quarter of this book, even though it was taking me a while to read it. I thought it was just a slow read, but in all honesty, it wasn’t for me. There is a big turn about half way through that shows the dangers of power corruption, and it was a lot for me. There has been a lot of positive buzz around this book, but I’m not in the right place for it. If it sounds up your alley, get a copy for yourself here.

The Babysitter’s Coven by Kate Williams

You may remember this book from my piece on must-reads from earlier this year! I absolutely adored this Babysitter’s-Club-but-with-witches read. It was the first chapter book that I felt made me get into the reading groove. Go and pick up a copy here!

The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

Hey look, another book you’ve seen! This book was about an app-creator dealing with her mixed feelings about ghosting. I’ll be publishing a full review about this one, and you can grab yourself a copy here (because lets be honest, you should read it).

In Another Time by Caroline Leech

This is a period piece book in 1942 Scotland. It follows lumberjill Maisie as she learns the ropes and works to do her part with the war effort. There’s a hint of romance as well, so if you like strong gals who admit they have feelings, you should check it out here! I really enjoyed it, but it was a bit more deep than some of the other books this month.

It Devours by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

I started this book in late 2018 and just couldn’t get into it. But I picked it back up this month and I was only about 10 pages off from the action really hitting. Once I started reading it again, I absolutely tore through it. This is a book set in Night Vale, where something is devouring entire buildings. Scientists and religious zealots have to figure out what it is, and how to stop it. If you’re a Night Vale fan, you have to read It Devours! Get yourself a copy here.

Unpregnant by Jenni Hendricks & Ted Caplan

This is another book that I was wildly excited about coming into the year. It was released in September of last year, and I scooped it up (almost) immediately. I was too pumped to wait until February to read it, and I’m glad I didn’t wait. Unpregnant follows Veronica as she goes on a road trip to get an abortion. While that may not sound like a great read, it really is! Grab a copy here, and let me know what you think of it!

Lady Smoke by Laura Sebastian

Obviously I can’t really talk about this book, as it’s a sequel. But know that the first book is the spark of a revolution, and that continues in this sequel. Lady Smoke was filled with action, and I loved every minute of it! The third and final book comes out February 4th, and I highly recommend you check out the full series as soon as you can. I’ve got a full review of book one here, and you can order books one, two, and three at those links.

Whose Boat Is This Boat? by Donald Trump

In case you hadn’t picked up on this, from the type of reading I do, I am not a red hatter. I’m very anti-Trump, and super cool with that. He’s trash, and this is a picture book full of words he said post-Hurricane Florence. It’s fun, but worrisome; it’s terrifying that this man was elected as our president. Grab a copy for yourself and all the children you know here.

The Infinite Noise by Lauren Shippen

This is a book about a high school jock with elevated empathetic abilities. It follows him as he learns to control his emotions and how he decides who to tell, and how. I really enjoyed this; it’s an ARC I’ve had for quite some time, and I’m glad I finally read it. Get a copy for yourself here.

So I read 11 books in January! I feel like that’s a pretty dang good start to my year. I’m currently reading Gork the Teenage Dragon by Gabe Hudson, and while it’s not my favorite, I’m determined to finish it in February!

If you’re looking to see what other books I enjoy, you can check here for the ones I’ve reviewed! You can also follow me on instagram and twitter, where I tend to rant about books (along with feelings).

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