Why We Love John Wesley Shipp Characters From ‘The Flash’

The CW and the entire team behind The Flash have done an amazing job including things that fans love. One of those is bringing John Wesley Shipp on as various characters since he played the Flash in the 90s TV show. What may have begun as fanservice (we don’t believe it ever was) has launched one of The Flash fans’ favorite faces, no matter what form he shows up in!

Shipp has worn a few faces on The Flash so we wanted to shout out how much we love each one!

Henry Allen

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Shipp first appeared as Barry’s (Grant Gustin) dad for the first and second seasons. His appearance acted as a great callback to his show and he was excellent in that role. We were so sad to lose him at the hands of Zoom, especially watching Barry react to it. 

Henry Allen was a caring father (even if we’re still a little bitter he just left after getting out of prison). Shipp played this character so well that we all wanted him to stick around longer. Our major love for John Wesley Shipp wasn’t fully cemented from his work as Henry Allen, though.

Jay Garrick/Earth-2’s Flash

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Jay Garrick appeared in the finale of season two and won our hearts at the same time he caused Barry’s to sink because of his appearance. Jay is the speedster we’d want running to our aid if Barry was no longer there to save us. Maybe even if he was

There is something truly special about what Shipp has done as Jay that makes him so wonderful. He is a great mentor to Barry, one he’s needed since day one where his speed is concerned. We’re devastated by his retirement but hopeful he’ll find a way to bring back his speed and get back out there!

Barry Allen/Earth-90’s Flash

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In the ultimate callback to the 90’s Flash series, Shipp donned his old suit! He joined Team Flash for two crossovers to our delight. We’re still shook over his death in Crisis on Infinite Earths

We have our fingers crossed that they’ll find a way to bring this Flash back because we LOVE him! Seeing John Wesley Shipp back in that suit is almost too much! Shipp and Gustin have such excellent chemistry that it would be a shame not to see them act side by side again. 

Shipp is an amazing actor and a super nice guy. Whatever form they decide to bring him on The Flash as we’ll gladly take. Who’s your favorite character Shipp has brought to life? We’re partial to Jay Garrick, but Earth-90’s Flash is not too far behind!

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