‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×03: “Pimento”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Pimento” saw the return of fan favorite Adrian Pimento. Or maybe he’s just my favorite. With his crazy hair, disposition, and adventures, he’s always a wild ride to be seen and admired…from afar. We also saw Jake kind of being a shitty friend to Boyle just because he thought that his friend couldn’t handle the news of him and Amy trying for a kid. Meanwhile, back at the precinct Amy is trying to defeat her biggest foe, WORK TRAINING! *cue dramatic music*

Why We Love Pimento

I know a lot of people wouldn’t pick Pimento as their favorite but he’s ours. There’s something so wild and free about Pimento that every single time we see him we’re reminded of the fact that there are no limitations in this life. Well, besides the ones we put on ourselves. And Pimento doesn’t have that problem at all, even when he’s been medicated by an evil doctor that wants to get back at him.

Also, as someone with mental health issues it’s kind of refreshing to see Pimento act the way that my brain sometimes fires off. I’m constantly afraid of being who I am and being the weird person inside. But then you have Pimento here acting the way he wants to act, no matter how weird it is, and it’s so fucking refreshing. Like seriously, I wish I could be even 5% as liberated as this weirdo is.

On a side note I really like the fact that Pimento didn’t interact at all with Rosa. It wasn’t anything about her ex coming back into the picture. He was on an adventure of his own with Jake and Boyle and that’s okay. Not everything has to be about the romance and awkward moments where you try to figure out how to deal or hang out with your ex. And that distinction, that attention to detail for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, really shows how forward-thinking their writing really is.

Jake Keeping a Secret from Charles

Not gonna lie, I was a bit thrown off by Charles not being told about the baby. I understand, don’t get me wrong, but the way that Jake went about it was all wrong. He hasn’t hanged out with Charles for weeks? Because he’s afraid of saying something to Charles? Really? That’s the best you could?

It’s neglectful of their relationship and reminds me of that time during Jake’s bachelor party and how they let Charles run himself tired because they knew he was “too much.” It was rude then and it’s still rude now. Top it off with this neglect of Charles for weeks and I feel like he didn’t deserve this from Jake.

How are we supposed to give people chances to grow if we treat them like they are delicate flowers who will explode at the first sign of something new? *flaps hand at Jake* Charles should’ve been told about Jake and Amy’s planning on having a kid. Yes, Peraltiago deserve their privacy, but did they have to wait weeks and neglect Charles. No, they didn’t.

The Team Being Defeated by Work Training

The Nine-Nine has taken on many tough challenges throughout their seven season run. They’ve taken on Wunch, the Vulture, and Dozerman. And despite everything that was thrown at them, they survived and thrived. And I thought we would see that once more in “Pimento.” 

I mean, we saw the beginning of it. Amy had a master plan and was ready to thwart this work training. She memorized everything that she had to and didn’t care for the work training guy one bit. And just when things felt like they were lost Rosa came around, having taken the time to memorize what Amy gave her because she’s a team player.

Then the circle of trust came around. Life in general and work training try to make you feel like it’ll work and that everything is alright. But no, it’s all a lie! Every last bit of it. And watching the Nine-Nine collapse under the small problems around them felt like looking at another team all together and I didn’t like it. Here’s hoping next week sees my Nine-Nine.

We’ll be here waiting.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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