‘Doctor Who’ 12×09 Review: “Ascension of the Cybermen”

The Doctor and her companions face off against the Cybermen in a terrifying episode titled “Ascension of the Cybermen” that sees the world destroyed, humans almost extinct, and everyone scattered across the universe. Oh, and the return of The Master. That happened too on Doctor Who and we’re not excited, one bit. #SorryNotSorry

The Doctor is Still Pushing People Away

Another week, another episode of the Doctor pushing away her companions for their own good. And it really just makes a mess of things instead of helping Yaz, Graham, and Ryan and keeping them safe. Exhibit A. Run away and do what I tell you while I act as a distraction.

Tell me how well that worked, Doctor? No answer? Yeah, because it didn’t work out well at all. Now you have your team about to be killed by the Cybermen just like your previous companion and unable to do anything to save them because the Master is there, ready and oh so willing to fuck up your plans.

I’m just tired of it all. And I feel like all I do is spend week after week is complaining about how the Doctor isn’t trusting her companions, her fam. And I think a lot of it has to do with her previous companions. Totally understandable. But fuck that. It’s 2020, ties and bonds have been made.

Own up to them.

The Cybermen in All Their Glory

Despite how silly Cybermen look, they’re kind of terrifying. It’s the same way I feel about the Daleks. They shouldn’t be terrifying but here I am, scared of giant salt and pepper shakers. I think it’s the lack of humanity that gets me and sets my teeth on edge. After all, a Cybermen that kills it’s own and makes them scream…that’s kind of horrifying.

This half human/half Cybermen is the most terrifying of them all. He remembers a lot about his past, who he was, and how he came to be a Cybermen. And he doesn’t care. He volunteered for this life and will do anything that he can to see the rise of the Cybermen.

That’s all kind of horrifying and cause for concern because lack of humanity and conviction about what they’re doing, leads to dangerous situations. It also leads to death and disaster. And I can’t help but thinking that Yas, Graham, or Ryan will pay that price before they decide to not travel with The Doctor in the epic season finale set for next week.

Anticipations for Season Finale

First of all, I really don’t care for this version of The Master and don’t look forward to the mess he’s caused and that the Doctor has to fix. He’s kind of basic and just knows how to grin like a maniac. But that isn’t what The Master is all about on Doctor Who. He’s cold, calculating, and a bit flirtatious. Where is that Master?

Not here! That’s what I’ll say.

And he’s got a bucket load of pain heading for The Doctor that I don’t appreciate. I know I complain about her pushing people away, but she’s my family and I love her, even when she’s being a pain in the ass. So, bring it The Master. The Doctor will survive, thrive, and make it out of this. I have no doubt about it.

Oh, and that secret The Master has that he’s keeping from The Doctor. Bring it on as well. It’s probably some huge secret that will change this show forever, but I trust the writers and The Doctor to solve whatever is coming for us all.

The Doctor Who season finale airs Sunday at 8/7c on BBCAmerica.

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