‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 Finale Review: “The Timeless Children”

This week’s episode of Doctor Who was the best episode this show has ever done. The timeless children set the bar, smashed it, and created a whole new ledge for us to explore and get to know in the future. And this isn’t me taking it lightly, it being the best episode the show has ever aired.

I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for years. I started out with the doctor when he had big ears and a penchant for leather jackets. and once I decided to invest my time and Doctor Who I went back and experienced as many of the doctors as I could. That’s what you do when you love something.

So when I say that this episode of Doctor Who was the best that I have ever seen I want you to understand the knowledge that backs this statement up. It was the best episode because of its secrets revealed, the writing, the time between family, and the action that was present most of the episode.

The Doctor and the secrets that were revealed about her blew our damn minds. This is game changing and the kind of information that will shift the entire Doctor Who verse on its head. It’s because of her, because of where she is from (which is still a mystery), that the Time Lords even had the capability of regenerating.

Now I look back on all the interactions the Doctor has had with Gallifreyans, Time Lords, and the Master with new eyes. The High Council of Gallifrey must’ve known that the Doctor was that original piece. Maybe that’s why they were harder on her or maybe why they went easier on her considering that she stole a Tardis.

The Time Lords owed her their many lives. Just process that. Mull it over and let it settle in your mind. That means that the Doctor can continue regenerating until the cows come home. There is no limit and she is truly immortal in comparison to the likes of The Master. Which, talking about The Master, jealousy isn’t a good color on you and I hope you’re toast!

Back to the Doctor.

Where did she come from? If she was found, alone and by a great power that cut through time and the universe, could her people be still out there? Also, how could they abandon such a child with no regard for their safety or well being? Or maybe this is some timey wimey stuff that was started by the Doctor somehow, someway.

Either way, this episode has defined what it means to be the Doctor. She’s now on a new adventure. One where she doesn’t know how many versions of herself are out there. And we’re not like the Master. We aren’t scared of that. If anything, we’re excited about that. It’s 2020 and the time of the Doctor is just started.

So, watch out, universe. The Doctor is just getting started.

Doctor Who is set to return for season 13.

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